Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Episode 3 Review

The kids of Bob's Burgers become entrepreneurs on tonight's episode, and things don't go so well for some of our Belchers. Linda and Bob also have restaurant troubles, which is absolutely shocking because everything always goes smoothly for them.

It's the first day of Tweentrepreneurs, a new business class at school that the kids will be taking. Mr. Frond asks the kids of the class to present ideas for new products, and all of the ideas are horrid. They settle on Jimmy Jr's idea for a wood friend (Wood Chucks) because it's mildly better than the rest, and then the kids settle on their positions in their new business. The Belchers are forced to do the hard labor, while Jimmy Jr, Tammy, Zeke, and Jocelyn get management positions. Meanwhile at the restaurant, Linda is outsmarted by a dine-and-dasher. Bob tries to catch him, but he doesn't get far before giving up. At school, the Wood Chucks are flying off the shelves and that means more and more work for the Belcher kids. The kids sell 100 Wood Chucks, and the Belchers and Rudy are left out of the celebration. Their treatment by the other kids keeps getting worse and worse, and Tina yells at the management demanding better treatment. Jimmy Jr considers her point, but Tammy tries to sway her by making her a manager as well and giving her some nice perks. Louise and Gene witness Tina enjoying some perks, and Louise isn't happy. Gene is just oblivious.

Tina's moving on to her new position, but things actually get worse for Wood Chuck makers, with management asking them to make more in shorter time. So they decide to simply stop caring, producing terrible Wood Chucks. At the restaurant, Bob and Linda recognize a customer as the dine-and-dasher from earlier, but they aren't sure. Linda goes to question him, and it turns out that the customer and the dine-and-dasher are one in the same. At Tweentrepreneurs, Tina chastizes the workers for their shoddy Wood Chucks, and they go on strike in response. Management tries to deal with the fallout, but Tina comes up with a new, smaller product that can save them. They make a huge purchase of googly eyes for the new product, but the Wood Chuck 2.0 flops and the company looks dead.

The other managers put the blame for their failure on Tina, and Tina also has to worry about the debt they have at Reflections. Back at the restaurant, the dine-and-dashers's "twin brother" shows up to introduce himself, apologizing for his "brother's" misdeeds. He prepays for his burger with a $20, but confuses Bob with change and ends up getting a free meal. Back at school, Tina decides to unload the company on a fool and Louise accidentally gives her the idea for Teddy to be that fool. Louise tries to sway Teddy from investing, but he goes ahead and Tina scams him.

Tina gives Teddy his money back, but Teddy still doesn't want to take it back and they have to force him to take it. Tina gets another idea, to sell loose googly eye pairs in order to make a profit. They actually do make their money back. The dine-and-dasher returns to repay his debt, and he asks for forgiveness. They agree, as long as he agrees to their terms.

Bob's Burgers has delivered yet another solid episode, this time providing two strong plots and plenty of big laughs. Neither plot was a series-best plot, but they both worked very well.

The kids' story wasn't quite as good as last week's, but it was still really good. It was nice to see Tina as the bad egg this time around, since that's usually Louise's job. The scene between Tina and Teddy was the definitive highlight of the story, and it just felt so natural that Teddy would act like that. He's such a sucker. I wish we could have actually seen them resolve their dilemma rather than have it just be mentioned as a passing note, but that's a minor issue.

Bob and Linda's story was a lot better than last week's, and I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Seeing them get outsmarted time and time again by the dine-and-dasher was hysterical, especially when they fell for his story about being an identical twin. But the resolution of the plot was especially awesome, and the kids taking such pleasure in tying him up and having to feed him his food was just delightful.

Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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