Young Sheldon Season 2 Episode 6 Review

It's a spooky, sinful episode of Young Sheldon this week, as Jason Alexander makes a return trip to "help" Mary with a church Halloween function. I hope that the episode is more of a treat than a trick.

Mary is help with the local church's haunted house, and she's pretty much ruining it by removing the blood and gore from the event. She stops by school to ask Mr. Lundy for advice on the haunted house, and it's pretty clear that he wants to be a really big part of it. Later on, he reveals that he wrote the script for the house, and Mary's not pleased because she wanted to write it.

Mary hates the script, because it doesn't reflect the values she wants it to. But it's not just the script that Lundy takes over: he's taking over everything, and Mary hates it. She tries to shut it down, but Lundy is persistent and won't give at all.

It's time for the haunted house to make its grand debut, and Lundy has made himself the star of the whole production. Mary tries to "fix" it by showing up as an angel, but everyone is more interested in Lundy's version. However, Lundy's seven deadly sins-themed haunted house scares Georgie's date so much that she runs to Mary and decides to devote her life to religion.

I was disappointed in this episode, though Jason Alexander's return as Mr. Lundy was a real treat. The Lundy v. Cooper feud was the best part of the otherwise mediocre episode. I didn't dislike anything about the episode per se, it just wasn't as good as I'm used to for an episode of Young Sheldon. Sheldon and Missy's trick-or-treat costumes were pretty good, and Sheldon explaining his costume was very funny. The episode, however, was packed with filler, presumably because the plot wasn't all that strong. The Georgie subplot was pretty weak, and it felt pretty incomplete overall. I didn't care about it much at all, and would have rather just seen more of Sheldon and Missy trick-or-treating or even more of Mary's fight to have a haunted house that she was comfortable with.

All in all, this episode wasn't a bad one, but it wasn't even close to being one of the show's best, and it was definitely the season's worst so far.

Score: 7/10
Grade: C+

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