Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S4E3 Review

This episode continues Rebecca's rebuilding her life and really taking a good look at herself. This week, the episode examines Rebecca's job. She's good at practicing law, but is it what she wants to do?

S4E3 "I'm On My Own Path"

This week, Rebecca is wondering if she really wants to be a lawyer while she waits on confirmation from the Bar that she can continue practicing law. The issue is, it's evident very early on what her choice will be. Still, the callbacks to the pretzels and butter commercial were entertaining, and it was important to see Rebecca figure out that she needs to make her own path in life instead of taking the path that her mother wanted her to take.

Both of this episode's songs revolved around this decision for Rebecca, and they each had their moments. Jim's "Don't Be a Lawyer" wasn't especially entertaining, but the disclaimer at the end was hilarious. Pretzels singing the "Twisted Fate" song felt like something that was trying to be unusual, while it's the type of thing the show has done before (such as the cats' part in season 3's "Buttload of Cats"). This song was amusing, but neither of this episode's songs really stood out in any way.

Rebecca and Josh reconnect in this episode, as she discovers he's in therapy. Josh actually makes decent decisions in this episode, it seems therapy is really helping, though of course he is dumb as always (believing the lie that the girls tell him about Uber calling them). This was an entertaining story, and it showed how Josh has grown, but there wasn't very much of it.

Heather and Hector decide to get married this week so that he can be on her insurance. This story got off to an awkward start, but after they got married, it got better. After Heather shuts him down on the idea of having a wedding that people attend, Valencia and Beth come in to talk her into having a wedding. The joke in this scene where Valencia says some people shouldn't be able to get married is very funny. The episode ends with the wedding, and it is a really sweet one, because Heather and Hector's relationship is something really sweet.

This certainly wasn't Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's best episode, but this is an above-average show, so a below-average episode isn't bad. None of the stories in this episode were all that strong, but they weren't bad either. This episode wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't a stand-out either.

Score: 7.5/10

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