American Housewife Season 3 Episode 5 Review

It's a haunted Housewife Halloween, featuring aliens, witches, haunted houses, and... bras? We're in for a truly spooky half-hour of television with Katie and the Ottos.

Katie is trying to plan a haunted house party, but Viv stops by wanting advice on her pregnancy. Katie tries to blow her off, but Viv wears her down. The next day at brunch, Katie learns that Taylor lied about parents being present at a Halloween party, and she's not pleased. She rushes home and tells Greg the truth about Taylor, and Greg sides with Taylor and says they should trust her.

Oliver and Cooper are getting ready for their Halloween party, figuring out how to unhook bras in case their girlfriends want to spend 7 Minutes in Heaven. Taylor heads off to her party, and she's concerning Greg since he's the one that pushed so hard for her to go to the party in the first place. Something Anna-Kat says to him convinces him to drive to the party and make sure Taylor isn't doing anything wrong.

Greg decides to trust Taylor after seeing another girl get embarrassed at the party by her mother. Meanwhile, Katie's idea for the party isn't going over very well, but Viv shows up to help. Viv goes into labor, and they have to deliver the kid at the party. At their party, Oliver and his girlfriend are about to play 7 Minutes in Heaven when someone finds him and tells him that Katie needs his help with Viv. Later on, Taylor gets home just in time and she isn't drunk. Greg is proud, and Katie seems more than a little disappointed to be wrong. Oliver also gets home, upset because Viv's baby ruined the mood.

I really enjoyed this episode, even if it wasn't one of the show's better episodes of the season. My one problem with it, however, is that the kids didn't really get fleshed-out plots this week. The plot involving Taylor was more of a Greg storyline than anything (a great Greg storyline, but still), and Anna-Kat was just taken along for that ride. Oliver got the biggest story of the week, and even that didn't really get much attention. It was really nice to have Viv back this week, and her appearance (and later, delivery) at the haunted house certainly was an interesting way to solve Katie's haunted house woes. I also really appreciate just how much the show embraced the Halloween theme. The episode didn't just happen to take place on Halloween, it really was about Halloween, and I think that's pretty great.

Score: 8/10
Grade: B

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