Mom S6E3 Review

This episode continues this season's stories of Christy in law school and Bonnie planning for her and Adam's wedding. It also includes a guest appearance by Constance Zimmer.

S6E3 "Ambulance Chasers and a Babbling Brook"

Law school is a challenge for Christy, especially one class with a really tough professor, played by Constance Zimmer. She plays the hard ass professor well, especially when we see a slightly different side of her, when Christy sees her at a meeting and they talk.

However, the talking leads to dependence. Natalie, the professor, constantly vents to Christy (something Marjorie has a very funny line about), and Christy as a result feels that she is what's keeping Natalie sober. Because of their new friendship, Christy is doing well in Natalie's class, but she decides to give that up, knowing that this dynamic is unhealthy. It's a very Mom sort of story.

Bonnie and Adam are planning for their wedding this week, and that leads to a game of manipulation for Bonnie when she books a venue without asking Adam, and then has to convince him of it. It is really funny when Bonnie asks the others what she should do, and dislikes the honesty answers from Christy, Marjorie, and Wendy. (Also in this scene, there's a really funny bit where some fruit gets passed around the table depending on who needs it.) Bonnie's plan works, but has another result: Adam buying an old factory they looked at to turn it into a bar.

Bonnie and Adam's argument about this gets funny when she accidentally reveals her manipulative plan. In the end, Bonnie apologizes to Adam, and she comes around to his bar idea. There were some really funny moments in here, but really, it was a fairly generic story. It works though, because of that humor, and because of how good the dynamic is between Bonnie and Adam.

This was the type of episode that isn't the slightest bit groundbreaking, but proves that Mom is good at what it does. While a sense of familiarity hung over most of the episode, it still entertained as it provided humor in interesting stories. It was nothing exceptional, but this was a good episode of Mom.

Score: 8/10

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