The Good Place S3E6 Review

After changing a lot of things up, The Good Place goes in a new direction in this week's episode, one that may be more episodic, but still entertaining and important. In this episode, Jason sets out to save his father's soul, which could prove to be quite the task.

S3E6 "The Ballad of Donkey Doug"

After freaking out last week, now Chidi needs to face everything in his life, particularly his relationship with Simone. Janet is here to help with that (hilariously doing her own "bing"s because she doesn't have any powers), creating a simulation to help Chidi figure out the best way to break up with her. This simulator fuels a lot of great comedy, such as the scenarios that Eleanor wants to try and when Eleanor takes Simone's place in a simulation.

After a lot of simulated attempts, it's finally time for Chidi to break up with Simone for real. There are some funny moments where things don't go as Chidi expects, such as them sitting at a different table than in the simulation. Though this goes really poorly, he gets the chance to talk with Simone one more time, giving a proper conclusion to their story (though I'm sad to see Simone go). Also, there is a very funny moment when Chidi freaks out about Simone saying "see you in another life."

Meanwhile, Jason, Tahani, and Michael visit Jason's father, who happens to be the person that Jason refers to as Donkey Doug. This reveal is very funny, and while the dumbness of Jason and everyone he grew up around risks going over-the-top, the jokes here land. The funniest part of all is when Jason, Tahani, and Michael are presented a product that combines body spray and energy drinks Shark Tank-style, and Jason's comment that they need to bid on it quickly.

After all the goofiness of this all, some good is done. The group convinces Pillboy to do good by pretending to be from NASA, and Donkey Doug (or as he tells Jason to call him, Donkey Dad) faces the police so Jason can escape, just as apparently fathers have been doing for their sons in this family. The episodic nature of this quest resolves quite nicely, and this episode sets up another such quest, with the reveal that Eleanor's mother faked her own death. Presumably, Eleanor will need to deal with that in the next episode.

This was a very solid episode of The Good Place. After weeks of game-changers changing the season's direction, it appears to be settling in to a path that it seems like much of the season will follow, with the group attempting to help people. I'm glad that the show didn't feel the need to keep changing things up on us, yet still managed to have some sort of reveal at the end of the episode, with the one about Eleanor's mom. Also, this episode tied up a loose end, Chidi and Simone's relationship, and rather than resolving that quickly, the show dedicated a good amount of time to it, recognizing that Simone wasn't some insignificant character.

Score: 9/10

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