Mom S6E5 Review

Mom has dealt with tragedy many times, and it does it again with this episode.

S6E5 "Flying Monkeys and a Tank of Nitrous"

This episode deals with the death of Marjorie's husband Victor. Everything before Marjorie gets the call about him having another stroke feels like the episode is wasting time, but after this happens, the rest of the episode is all spent on his death, and Marjorie's lack of displaying grief. Christy, being Christy, desperately wants Marjorie to show emotion over Victor's death. She keeps prodding her to try to make this happen, despite everyone around her telling her not to.

The group takes a road trip to spread Victor's ashes. However, it turns out that the orchard that he wanted his ashes to be spread at is now a Costco. There are some good jokes about the Costco (such as Jill's experience of buying in bulk), and this is where Christy ends up making a seemingly uncharacteristically oblivious Marjorie react. This leads to a car ride filled with silence, which leads to an entertaining group text.

Marjorie ends up sharing that she's upset that she isn't grieving, and Wendy shares that people often mourn sick loved ones before they die. However, later Marjorie ends up crying as she remembers how one cat was Victor's favorite. While this moment is heartfelt, it somewhat counteracts Wendy's point from the car ride.

This episode took a different look at death than the show has in the past with others close to main characters that have died. There were a few issues with the execution of that, but overall this was a good episode.

Score: 8.5/10

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