Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Episode 4 Review

It's time for the Bob's Burgers Halloween episode, an annual tradition that is always a treat (and not a trick). While this season hasn't been perfect so far, it has been really good, and that coupled with a Halloween theme is enough for me to expect an awesome episode this time around. I hope I'm not getting my hopes up for no reason.

It's trick-or-treat night, and a jealous Teddy comes in with a proposal for the Belchers. The store next door hired a handyman (Glenn) to put up decorations, and Teddy wants to make him jealous by getting a job doing the same thing for the Belchers, even if it's not a paying job. Somehow, he thinks this will make him look like a winner and Glenn look like a loser. (Teddy's mind scares me a bit, I won't lie.) Unfortunately, the decoration he puts up isn't as cool as the one Glenn puts up, so Teddy decides to outdo him again. Meanwhile, the kids are trick-or-treating and are getting a ton of candy. They run into Jimmy Jr and Zeke, who ask Tina to go to a haunted mansion with them. Tina declines, and they head off. A few kids from school run into them to tell them their candy got stolen.

While the group confronts Jimmy Jr. and Zeke, Gene's candy gets stolen. Back at the restaurant, Glenn outdoes Teddy once again, and Teddy concedes the Halloween war to him. However, Bob isn't ready to throw in the towel. The kids try to avoid being on Ocean Avenue to stop their candy from being stolen, and they decide to only step onto the street when absolutely necessary and stay in the shops at all times. Unfortunately, this plan fails and Tina also gets her candy stolen. Louise is now the only one with candy, and they all have to defend it so they can get some candy. This plan also fails and the last bag of candy is snatched.

The kids chase after the person who nabbed their candy, but they can't catch him on foot. They get on a bus, and the bus helps them catch up with the person easily, until he makes them get off. At Bob's Burgers, Bob and Teddy turn the spider decoration into a chainsaw spider, and it destroys Glenn's display.

The kids (save for Tina and Gene) go into the haunted mansion that their candy thief ran into, and it's pretty terrifying (for them, at least). Tina and Gene discover the candy thief, and it's Dr. Yap. He tells them how bad candy is for their teeth, and that he just cares about them. Louise asks where the candy is, and they run to get it before it's destroyed. They get there just in time, and they're able to convince the garbageman to give them their candy back. They return the candy to its rightful owners. Meanwhile, the owner of the neighboring shop tells Teddy that Glenn really just wanted to impress him.


This was a spectacular episode of Bob's Burgers, and it was easily my favorite of the season. It truly felt magical and it really embodied the Halloween spirit, which is something the show has always been great at doing. This is a soon-to-be classic that I'll rewatch frequently in years to come.

Both of this week's plots were fantastic, but the candy theft plot was definitely the better one. It was a really interesting plot that I never tired of, because it was absolutely hilarious and very well-paced. It was just perfect. Teddy's plot of jealousy was great from the start, but it got so much better once Bruce Springsteen Bob got in on the action. The chainsaw spider (that's a phrase I never thought I'd type, let alone type twice in one review) destroying the neighboring display was a sight that I will not soon forget.

There were so many great jokes and references this week, but my favorites have to be Gene's reference to the War on Halloween that "Newt Gingrich warned us about" and Andy and Ollie referencing Bonnie Raitt's song Something To Talk About for absolutely no reason at all. Linda yelling about their "agreement" was also a true laugh out loud moment in an episode filled with laugh out loud moments.

Also, the Belcher kids' costume game is on point. I can't even pick a favorite, they're all brilliant.

Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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