The Simpsons Season 30 Episode 3 Review

Last week's episode of The Simpsons was a delight that saw Marge and Homer's marriage once again on the rocks. This week, the Simpsons gets religious with three short stories told by three very different people.

At Sunday school, Ned is explaining the importance of religion to some of Springfield's youngest. He uses his own godless upbringing as an example. He was down on his luck, with various terrible jobs, until he got a job as a trampoline salesman. It gave him incredible success, thanks to the Apollo 13 landing. Unfortunately, the trampolines are discovered to be incredibly dangerous, and will be fatal sue to static electricity after 500 bounces. Ned then notices a story about a local kid who's trying to break the trampoline bounce record, and races to stop him. He doesn't get there quite in time, but he ends up getting zapped instead. This leads to a near-death experience that sets him on the path of god, because he got a second chance at life.

Now, Marge is telling a story about her grandmother, who was an atheist. Marge's grandmother is married to a Nazi collaborator, but she comes across US troops and decides to help them. Grandma Marge's husband hosts Nazis for dinner, but the Nazis discover the American troops and retreat. A Nazi tries to kidnap Marge's grandmother, and that leads to a brawl that leads to Marge's grandmother, her husband and Americans taking out all of the Nazis.

Lisa is now up to speak, talking about Buddhism. A princess, known as Siddmartha, is unhappy despite her life of excess. She just wants less, and she runs off the find enlightenment. She sits silently waiting to find enlightenment, and she finally does.


I was incredibly bored for the entirety of this episode. Except for Treehouse of Horrors, I'm not a fan of episodes that are broken into parts like this one was. The episode wasn't that horrible, it just wasn't anything exciting, either. Ned's story was actually kinda okay, and I did think it was mildy amusing. The episode went off the rails after that though, and Marge's story was absolutely pointless and abysmal. Lisa's was mildly better, yet I still didn't really like it. I'm so disappointed in this episode, because last week was a big improvement on the premiere and this was just a complete regression back into snoozeville. The only thing that saved it from being a total wash was the ending, where Burn was let into heaven and then immediately thrown out after asking to be admitted on his own merit. Other than that, this was not pleasant to watch.

The couch gag was fantastic though, and now I want a full-fledged Bob's Burgers crossover episode. C'mon Fox, make this happen!

Score: 4.5/10
Grade: D-

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