Network - Episode 1.19 - Panel Panic

1x19 - “Panel Panic”

By: Jessica Boggs

On the last episode of Network, Holly gets introspective. A phone call with Leah finally clicks with her
growing need for moving on from her tumultuous relationship with Jesse for good. In this episode of
Network, we check in with the gang for preparations for the Critics Association meeting in a couple of
weeks. And as usual, Jesse is clueless.

As suspected, a hoard of papers are scattered everywhere, from the desk to the floor. Leah walks into
the office, horrified.

Leah: What is all this?
Jesse (taken aback): Papers everywhere.
Leah: Well, then. Clean it up. This cluttered mess is not a good look for you.

Jesse gives Leah a dirty look, and then picks up the papers off the floor one at a time. All of a sudden,
Charlie enters the scene.

Charlie (flabbergasted): You know, actors are getting their panties in a loop since PsychMed was given
the pull me now treatment.
Leah: Oh don’t get me started on PsychMed, Charlie. What other scandal will befall this network?
Charlie: It is too soon to tell. Hey Jesse, with this molehill you are creating with these papers, you could
design a suit with that.
Jesse: It would get me on the worst dressed list, thank you very much.

Kasey then enters the scene.

Kasey: What’s going on this time?
Leah: Oh nothing. Just talking about how Ash meeting up with critics in the coming days.
Kasey: What? Are the shows’ casts and crews prepared?
Leah: I believe Ash covered this weeks ago.
Kasey: And why are there papers on your desk, Jesse?
Charlie (smirks): Please! If you are asking why there are papers on the bird brain’s desk, you should
figure out that there was a mountain of them on the floor.
Kasey: The floor?!?
Charlie: Yes, the floor. Five minutes ago there wasn’t enough room to have a sexual escapade with you,
Leah: Okay Charlie, calm the f*** down for one second.
Charlie: If you say so.
Charlie leaves the scene.

Kasey: Okay, now, what’s with the papers?
Jesse: What papers?
Kasey: Those on your desk.
Jesse (frazzled): Um…
Kasey: Answer me.
Jesse: They are for the executive session.
Leah: Okay, now let me see.

Leah snatches the papers. She then reads them.

Leah: Phew. That was close. Surprisingly you were prepared.
Jesse: Prepared for what?
Leah: You know what I mean.

Jesse then returns to picking up the rest of the papers from the floor. All of a sudden, Ash enters the
scene, horrified at what befalls under his eyes.

Ash: Jesse, what the hell is going on? Why are you picking up papers from all over the floor?
Jesse: These are reports I am picking up and organizing for the critics’ meeting.
Ash: Good. Where are the cast and crew reports?
Leah: I have them.
Ash: Very good.

Ash proceeds to grab them from Leah and read them. He is visibly intrigued.

Ash: Impressive. And very prompt too. Proud of you, Jesse.
Leah: That’s not like Jesse at all.
Jesse: Well thank you. I’ve actually been working hard the past couple of weeks.
Ash: And we are just getting started, too. Follow me, everyone.

All characters exit the scene.

Ash, Jesse, Leah, and Kasey then meet in the office for a conference call.

Ash: In my hands are the reports for the cast and crew panel of Marietta!
Leah (to Jesse): Took you long enough.
Jesse: What do you mean?
Leah: This is a first for you being this prepared.
Jesse: Since when?
Ash: Since you first started. You seem to be getting back into the groove of things.

Ash then grabs another report from Kasey.

Ash: There are more?
Kasey: Yes. Returning shows The President’s Daughter, Real Hollywood, and Glamanour Heights.
Ash: Hmmm...there seems to be one more.
Leah: Oh, there was an order for a new show. Titled Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream.

Ash (horrified): Now who would come up with a strange title for a show?
Leah: It’s a thriller.
Ash: Doesn’t it seem off brand?
Kasey: Straight to series after the trainwreck of Psych Med.
Ash: Jesse!
Jesse: What? What did I do this time?
Ash: Why the hell would you order this?
Jesse: I can explain. The show actually sounds interesting. A woman piecing her past together after
each dream. And a therapist with shady connections.
Ash: I cannot believe I’m hearing this. Are you f****** serious?
Jesse: Uh, yes.

We’ll leave this episode there for a moment. See you on the next episode of Network, where we crash
a bachelorette party!


NETWORK is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRG Originals.

 is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.


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