Will & Grace Season 10 Episode 4 Review

I haven't been completely in love with this season of Will & Grace, but I've still found it to be a really enjoyable season. This week features the "return" of "Rosario" in a plot about Jack becoming a psychic, as well as a trip down memory lane for Will and Grace.

Jack is convinced that he's a psychic, and nobody believes him. Not even a little. Karen informs the group that she's selling her mansion because it reminds her too much of Rosario and her marriage to Stan. Meanwhile, Will and Grace find some embarrassing old letters from college.

Jack is still trying to convince Karen of his psychic abilities. She doesn't believe him until he finds Rosario's jacket and glasses, and she's pretty freaked out. He tells what Rosario is telling him, including that Karen will find love again. Karen doesn't believe this, but eventually, she does and she decides to try and find love again.

Will and Grace are still reminiscing about their past when she comes across an old note from Will that she never read. He's hurt because he put his heart and soul into it, and they get in a fight that ends with him tossing the letter away. Meanwhile, Karen is back to doubting Jack's psychic abilities, but she sees a vision of Rosario and decides to believe him after all. Grace finally reads the letter and apologizes to Will, who forgives her.

This was a much weaker episode of Will & Grace than I'm used to. The plots were relatively thin, though, in spite of this, they remained entertaining (just not as entertaining as normal). However, the episode committed a pretty big sitcom crime: it just wasn't that funny. I wish I could feel differently than this, because the episode did touch on some important subject matter, but I just didn't laugh or find any of the episode all that funny. Strong, emotional performances from the entire cast was not enough to save the episode from being one of the revival's weakest so far, and one of the show's weakest in general. It did manage to make me really miss Rosario, though. Oh Rosie, why'd you have to leave us?

Score: 6/10
Grade: C-

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