Family Guy Season 17 Episode 3 Review

Stewie gets a new friend on tonight's Family Guy, while Peter tries to improve his life with the help of his... car? Yeah, that doesn't sound right to me either. Keep on reading for a recap and my thoughts on the episode!

Stewie is at the playground using his drone, trying to kill Lois for the umpteenth time. Just before he takes her out, a kid hits him with a ball and breaks the drone. He actually makes friends with the kid, Hudson, despite threatening. Meanwhile, Lois takes Peter to a seminar by tricking him into thinking they're going to Baskin Robbins. The speaker, Tony Robbins, calls on Peter and Tony tries to help him feel better about himself. He runs off, but Tony chases after him and tells him he won't let Peter be his first-ever failure. Then Tony gets struck by lightning and he disappears. The next day, Stewie returns at the playground to play with Hudson, and Hudson asks to come over for a playdate, which Brian allows him to have. Meanwhile Peter is startled to find that Tony is still following him, because Tony is now a part of the car. Back at the house, Stewie shows Hudson his weapons, and Hudson tells him not to kill Lois because they won't be able to play anymore. Stewie buries his weapons and decides to become good.

Peter is becoming a bit more confident thanks to Tony, demanding more bacon after being ripped off at a restaurant. At preschool, Stewie learns that he wasn't invited to Hudson's birthday party. He decides to exact his revenge, falling back to his old ways, digging up his weapons.

Thanks to Tony, Peter is asking for a raise. Meanwhile, Brian comes across Stewie's revenge plan and he rushes off to stop him from making a huge mistake. At work, Peter gets his raise and he rushes off to tell Tony. He's surprised to discover that Tony never really died, at that he was living in his trunk the whole time. Now that Peter's a success, he leaves to help others. At the birthday party, Stewie begins his revenge. He attacks the guests by destroying the inflatable castle and throwing sleeping gas at them. Hudson doesn't fall asleep thanks to a gas mask, and Stewie confronts him. That's when Hudson tells him he was invited, and Brian admits that he threw out the invitation. He asks for forgiveness, and Stewie tells him that they aren't friends, they're family, and he later forgives him with the help of some ice cream.

This was my favorite episode of the season, though it still wasn't even close to being one of the show's best.

The plot including Stewie and his new friend was pretty funny, but it feels like something we've seen before. Adding in Brian's jealousy just made it feel even more familiar. I get that there may be repetition in plots for a show that's been on for twenty years, but this felt more repetitive than usual. The plot still had really funny moments though (like the gag involving Lois getting drunk in the bushes, which was hilarious), and for that, I can forgive the unoriginal plot to an extent.

Peter's plot this week was pretty fun, but I did get a little annoyed with Tony sometimes. Sure, I think he was meant to be annoying, but it still ruined the fun a bit. I still enjoyed the plot though, and even if it definitely was the weaker plot of the episode.

I have to raise the score a half a point just because of the moment where Chris jumped into the hole Stewie dug for his weapons, and then asked if that was a pool. That was by far the funniest moment of the week.

Score: 8/10
Grade: B

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