The Good Place S3E5 Review

In another big twist at the end of the last episode, The Good Place once again left us in a place where the future is incredibly uncertain. The last episode's ending left Michael and Janet in a really difficult place.

S3E5 "Jeremy Bearimy"

After the humans see the door, Michael's instinct is to lie, which he tries and tries to do. His FBI agent cover is hilarious. Eventually, he has to tell them the truth, and so he does. He tells them everything that happened so far. Because they know about the afterlife, their motivations to do good are now all corrupted. The most entertaining part of this definitely involved the explanation of the timeline in the afterlife, in particular Chidi's question about the dot of the i in Jeremy Bearimy, and when Janet points out her birthday.

This leads to different courses of action for the humans. Eleanor decides to revert back to her old ways, until she realizes, she can't. She feels a need to do the right thing, and goes to great lengths to do so. Chidi sees everything as meaningless, and acts in such a way, spending a huge amount at the grocery store and not actually teaching his class. Tahani recruits Jason to help her be charitable, making anonymous donations and then giving away money to people.

As the humans react to this existential news, Michael and Janet decide to write down reflections of what they have learned, which results in one decent joke about the difference in typing skills between the two, but not much else. At the end of the episode, Eleanor rounds up the group and suggests that since they are all doomed, why don't they at least try to help everyone else. Also, this scene reveals that Tahani and Jason got married (Janet's reaction to which is great), and that sets up a great joke at the end where the forgotten Hemsworth that Tahani got engaged to shows up.

While this was a very enjoyable episode, in some ways it also felt fairly typical. Eleanor's learning was great, but it felt like something we've seen before (as a result of the rebooting of the humans). Also, it didn't seem like that much happened in this episode, it was like it had just started and then it ended.

Score: 8/10

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