The Good Place S3E4 Review

The Good Place has frequently left things in a place where viewers wonder "where in the world does this show go from here?" The last episode ended in such a way. With Michael and Janet now on the run from the judge, it doesn't seem like there are too many places the show can go.

S3E4 "The Snowplow"

The episode begins with a call from the judge to Michael and Janet. Every scene in this show that Maya Rudolph has been in has proved what a talent she is. She's especially great as this character, who I hope the show can somehow incorporate as much as possible. This call also has a hilarious moment where Michael pretends the call is breaking up.

A year passes, and over the course of the year Michael and Janet interfere with thing after thing in attempts to push the group in the right direction, like a snowplow. The humor here with Janet's love for Jason is great, especially the jean shorts monologue. However, their snowplowing creates another problem, as their setting Tahani up with an ex-boyfriend to keep her and Jason from having sex leads to the two getting engaged, and Tahani announcing she will be leaving the study.

The engagement party for Tahani leads to a wonderfully done character moment for Eleanor. With the group breaking up, she ends up lashing out at everyone, taking the part of the cake with her face on it. This feels very familiar, as it a moment that is very true to who Eleanor is. The conversation that Eleanor has after this with Simone is even better, as Eleanor's progress is shown in how she tries to figure out why she did what she did and realizes she needs to apologize to the rest (and actually does it!)

Eleanor isn't the only character that this episode does a great job of delving into. As Janet tries to convince Michael that they need to stop meddling, she unintentionally gives him an idea. He decides he should sneak back into the judge's quarters and reset the timeline on Earth. He is incredibly desperate. He doesn't even know how to do what he plans on doing. It's a great acting moment from Ted Danson. But the show throws in a big twist, when the four see the door to and from Earth that Michael causes to appear.

I was very concerned coming into this episode, but it turned out great. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson really got a chance to shine in this episode, and they really did. It was a very character-driven episode, and it did very well with the character's motivations and decisions, as well as with its humor. The Good Place, why did I doubt you?

Score: 10/10

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