The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 5 Review

It's time for a very special Goldbergs Halloween special. While I always enjoy a good old-fashioned Goldbergs Halloween, this year's special features an appearance by Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund. The horror legend returns to the screen for a cameo, alongside our own Beverly Goldberg. It's an unlikely pairing, and I honestly don't know who scares me more.

Geoff begs Erica to go to with him a Halloween dance in a couples costume, which she adamantly refuses. Meanwhile, Adam wants to see A Nightmare on Elm Street with Jackie for Halloween, but Beverly won't let him. "Luckily", Jackie's parents got the movie already, and they watch it. Unluckily, it scares the crap out of Adam. Erica takes Geoff to school, but Mr. Glascott spots her and asks her to speak to some of the students. She doesn't want to at first, but everyone at school loves her and she becomes the cool kid at school. Until she overstays her welcome. Back at the Goldberg house, Adam tells Bev that she watched Nightmare on Elm Street, and Beverly is dedicated to saving him from his fear, even though he really doesn't want her help. At school, Geoff tells Erica that she shouldn't be at school anymore since she's graduated, but Erica won't listen.

Adam goes to see Jackie, but she's watching another Nightmare on Elm Street movie so she talks to Jackie's parents. They show him what the actor that plays Freddy Krueger really looks like, and his fears are gone. He finally sleeps that night, and Beverly is devastated to learn that she wasn't the one that helped him. She confronts the Gearys, and they get into a serious fight. Elsewhere, Erica is trying to impress the high school kids with some beer, and gets non-alcoholic beer. Mr. Glascott threatens to call the police on her. Geoff confronts her and she tells they get in a huge argument as well. Meanwhile,  the Gearys tell the Goldbergs they don't want Adam and Jackie seeing each other anymore, and Adam  tells his parents off and says he wishes they weren't his parents.

Beverly has a nightmare and wakes up, rushing off to speak to Adam. Beverly finds Jackie in his room, which later leads to an apology to the Gearys. Elsewhere, Erica apologizes to Geoff and they go to the Halloween dance together.

This episode was probably my favorite of the season, because it really was just a ton of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed Beverly and Murray's rivalry with Jackie's parents, especially their incredibly reasons for disliking them were incredibly petty, and that made it hilarious. The lead-up to the plot's resolution, featuring the much-anticipated Freddy Krueger cameo, was incredibly clever and, despite some initial concerns, it didn't actually seem out of place. It helped move the plot along in a clever way and I really appreciate that.

Erica's plot was a bit weaker, but it definitely wasn't bad. Heck, it was worth it just to see Geoff's couples costume suggestions to Erica. The Hall & Oates costume was honestly pretty clever, so it really would have been Erica's loss if she didn't go along with it.

Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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