Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 3 Review

Murphy Brown's return to TV hasn't exactly been perfect. Or, to be quite honest, all that great. It's had its moments, but for the most part, it's been a disappointment. A lot of the jokes border on cringe-worthy and some of the acting hasn't been up to par. Tonight's #MeToo episode is one I've been looking forward to for a while, so I'm hoping that it can mark a real turning point for the show.

It's time for the sexual harassment seminar at work, and even the main gang can't get out of it. The seminar is incredibly long and boring, but eventually it does end. Unfortunately for Miles, these guidelines mean that he can't ask out a co-worker that seems to be interested in him.

The gang talks about #MeToo experiences, and Murphy seems to have something serious on her mind, but she stays silent. That day at home, Murphy comes clean about her own #MeToo experience. Her professor in college sexually harassed her after an award ceremony, something she's never told anyone before. She blames herself for the experience, but Avery tells her not to blame herself because this is on the professor, not her.

Murphy talks to Phyllis about her experience, and asks her what to do about it. Phyllis tells her to go to see the professor, who is still living, and hava a talk with him. So she does, and she meets his new assistant. The assistant lets Murphy wait in his living room. But before the professor arrives, she tells lets assistant know that she can have a job at her network in case she ever needs to leave her job. Then the professor comes in, and Murphy finally confronts him. The professor tells her she's a liar, and that Murphy made the first move. She yells at him, and asks for him to tell her the truth, and to give her an apology. He tells her that everything she's done has been because of him. She decides to leave, and take hew old college award that she left behind after the attack with her. Meanwhile, the coworker Miles is interested in tells her she's leaving her job, so he asks her out, and she says to call her sometime.


Of the three revival episodes that have aired so far, this one was by far the best. While it still had some of the staleness of the first two episodes, it didn't feel quite as forced and the jokes weren't as corny. Sure, there were still some moments of cringe to be found (Miguel hiding anytime the word ice was said), but for the most part, the show is finding its footing.

As much as I love her, Candice Bergen wasn't really on top of her game for the show's first two episodes. But she really had a moment to shine this episode and she delivered. The scene between Murphy and her old professor was nothing short of powerful, and Bergen delivered an excellent performance reminiscent of her earlier performances. Her scenes with Tyne Daly's Phyllis were also great, and were definitely the funniest parts of the episode. We haven't known Phyllis long, but what we've seen of her so far has been great.

While this was an episode that should obviously be devoted to Murphy, I would like to see the other characters get more screentime. Most of the show so far has revolved only around Murphy, with the others only really being along for the ride. Unfortunately, with stories as boring and contrived as Miles had this week, the other characters aren't really making a case for more screentime. One character that does deserve it though it Corky (a personal favorite character from the show's original run), who has gotten the least to do so far, at least of the original cast.

This episode restored my faith in Murphy Brown, and has made me feel that it can be great once again. This episode wasn't fantastic, but it was a big improvement, and that's all I needed to see this time in order for me to stick around a bit longer. I'm hoping next week can be an even better episode.

Score: 8/10
Grade: B

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