The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 4 Review

Hersheypark has always held a special place in my heart, thanks in no small part to my own upringing in Pennsylvania. I fondly remember my middle school field trip to the park (much like Adam's in this week's episode, though my trip was smother-less), and I've since returned every year. So I was incredibly excited to learn that the Goldbergs would pay homage to the legendarily sweet amusement park on this week's episode. Let's hope it can live up to my own hype!

Adam's going on a field trip to Hersheypark, but Adam's friends don't want Beverly to come along because she'll hold Adam back. Adam wants to tell her not to come, but he can't and he decides to lie to her instead, telling her the park is closed. At school, it's career night, and Barry and Geoff look around at potential careers. Murray offers Geoff an internship at the store, which Geoff accepts Elsewhere, Beverly makes a fool out of herself in front of the other parents by stating that Hersheypark is closed, and they tell her that Adam just lied to her. Beverly then tells Coach that she wants to be a chaperone, and then she tries to convince Adam with a guilt letter. At the furniture store, Geoff tells Murray he doesn't want to be an ophthalmologist, and Murray tells him to do what he wants to in life, and not to be a pushover. When Dr. Schwartz shows up, Geoff tells him his decision and Dr. Schwartz freaks out. Meanwhile, Adam asks Beverly to be a chaperone and the other school parents beg for her advice on how to make their kids do what they want them to.

Beverly tells the parents about her "guilt letters," and the parents are shocked by them, but they really want to know how she wrote them. She gives them her formula, which is enough for all of the kids to agree to let them chaperone. Meanwhile, Geoff won't let Barry boss him around anymore in the JTP, and Barry's not happy. Meanwhile, on the day of the Hersheypark trip, the kids compare their guilt letters and realize what Beverly did. They decide to exact their revenge. At school, Geoff gets in trouble for arguing in gym class and he calls Murray to school. Murray tells him that he has his own kids to worry about, which really upsets Geoff.

The kids give their parents guilt letters of their own, and they declare their independence, telling the parents to go back to the bus and leave them alone. That doesn't happen though, and Beverly rides the sooperdooperLooper with Adam, though they keep on fighting. After they get home, the two make up. Meanwhile, Dr. Schwartz tells Geoff to do whatever makes him happy.

While I may have been hyped for this episode, it didn't really live up to that hype. While it was still funny, I didn't laugh as much as I usually do with this show. I thought Geoff's storyline was quite weak and it didn't really go anywhere at all, and all it really did was waste space. It also just wasn't that funny, which is the biggest crime any storyline can commit.

Adam and Beverly's 15,000th fight related to her being a smother was the better storyline this week, and I did find her interactions with the parents of Adam's friends to be really hysterical. While it does get tiring to see her constantly resort to being a smother, the guilt letters were hilarious, as was the inability of every other parent to write a letter that was even close to as insane as Beverly's. The time spent in Herseypark was limited, but the scenes there were some of the best of the episode. The roller coaster scene looked insanely fake though.

Score: 7.5/10
Grade: B-

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