CW Renew/Cancel: Dynasty is Likely to be Renewed...Wait, WHAT?!?

Welcome to the CW Renew/Cancel Watch, and in this installment, more predictions arrive. 
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Certain Renewal
Certain Renewal
The Flash
Certain Renewal
Black Lightning
Likely Renewal
Likely Renewal
Likely Renewal
Leans Cancelation
Premieres 10/15
Premieres 10/14
Premieres 10/25
Premieres 10/14
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Final Season
Final Season
Jane the Virgin
Final Season
Dynasty: You heard that first, folks. Dynasty's prediction starts out as likely to be renewed, despite being the second lowest rated show on the CW lineup this week, according to the unrounded A18-19 ratings. Why, you ask? Let me say this again. CBS Studios Production. CBS produced shows usually are off the hook with lower ratings thresholds than WB shows. If the US+24 deal with Netflix saved it last season, it will most likely save it again this season. Ratings buffs might as well grind their teeth while it survives.

Supernatural: That same CBS-WB conundrum is one of the reasons why Supernatural is in the "likely renewal" category rather than the "certain renewal" category. It's an expensive WB produced show in its fourteenth season (it is older than its network), with a streaming and lucrative syndication deal that depends on actors' contracts. With that 0.45 in the ratings this premiere week, it is the third highest rated show of the week, but that could change once Arrow, Charmed, Legacies, and Supergirl premiere in the coming weeks. Unless ratings or cast and crew fatigue interfere with the show's chances, Supernatural is likely to be renewed.

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