The Conners Season 1 Episode 2 Review

I was a big fan of last week's premiere of The Conners, with me deeming it the best series premiere of the season. Despite the details of Roseanne's death already being disclosed last week, my interest in the show has definitely not gone away in the week since. After all, this week does feature the return of Johnny Galecki as David, which can hopefully give Darlene an interesting storyline.

David shows up at Mark's parent-teacher conference with his new girlfriend, Blue. Darlene is pretty shocked that she's meeting her in this way, but she brushes it off. Then, David mentions that he wants the kids to sleep at his house and Darlene agrees to it despite initial concerns. Meanwhile, Becky begs Dan to let her do construction work with him because she needs money, and he reluctantly agrees.

It's Becky's first day on the job, and Dan is getting concerned with Becky's drinking. She brought vodka to work even though it's the morning, and he tells her to stop drinking at work. The next day, David shows up to tell Darlene that Harris had sex while he was away, and Darlene is not happy. But he tells Darlene that it helped Blue and Harris bond, so I guess he thinks that's a plus. Darlene decides that it's time for the kids to come home.

At David's, Darlene and Blue get into an argument over Harris, and she storms out with the kids. Back at the Conner house, Becky tells Dan that she doesn't think she can go a whole day without alcohol, so Dan gives her six weeks to get it under control. Later on, David stops by the house and Darlene asks him for a divorce.

I didn't like this episode quite as much as the premiere, but it was still a great episode. Having David back in the picture for the week was definitely the highlight of the episode, but there were still plenty of laughs to be found elsewhere. From literally anything that came out of Jackie's mouth (PLEASE give her more screentime, she is the greatest) to DJ's love of Mamma Mia, the laughs flowed freely this time around. There weren't any emotional moments like last week, but it made up for that with comedy. Juliette Lewis was also pretty fantastic in her guest role as Blue, who seems like a real keeper. I'm interested to see where the storyline they introduced for Becky will go, as it definitely doesn't look anywhere near completed. It didn't get much screentime this week, at least in comparison to Darlene and David, but it did leave me intrigued.

Next week is Halloween, which is sure to be a ghoulishly good time! I've been waiting for this episode for a looooong time.

Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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