Dancing With the Stars Season 27 Episode 8 Review

I haven't been able to review Dancing With the Stars since the season 27 premiere, but I'm finally caught up on the show and I'm able to review it, just in time for one of my favorite weeks: Halloween week! I'm hoping for all the dances to be spooktacular, and not just downright scary.

Mary Lou Retton & Sasha:
I've been a big fan of Mary Lou this season, but this was one of her weaker routines. While it was still fun to watch and wholly entertaining, it wasn't as technically excellent as her dances in the past two weeks.
Score: 8

Milo Manheim and Witney:
This was just pure, absolute perfection. I've never disliked any of Milo's dances, and he's always been really good, but this was his first dance that I would say is perfect. It was delightfully spooky, and definitely my favorite dance of the season so far.
Score: 10

Evanna Lynch & Keo:
Evanna has been underscored all season long, and she's finally getting the recognition she deserves, luckily. This dance was amazing, entertaining from start to finish and technically perfect. I've always enjoyed watching Evanna dancing, but this week's dance was definitely her best. Dancing for her own satisfaction and not for the judges worked wonders for her.
Score: 10

Bobby Bones & Sharna:
Bobby always seems so excited just to be on the show, and that really reflects in his dancing. He's a little sloppy on the dance floor, but he definitely is getting better, and he's starting to control that a bit. I still noticed it a little in this dance, but not as much as before, so I can easily say that this was his best dance so far.
Score: 8

Juan Pablo Di Pace & Cheryl:
Juan Pablo has been one of the better dancers of the season, and that held true this week. This was his best dance yet, and he did the jive justice this week with a fun, creepy routine that was a spectacular way to close out the night. Also, his costumers were on point.
Score: 10

Alexis Ren & Alan Bersten:
Alexis and Alan's chemistry continues to be off the charts, and she remains one of my favorites in the competition, but this was a small step down from Disney week's phenomenal Foxtrot. It was certainly a sweet little treat, but it wasn't one of the night's finest.
Score: 9

John Schneider & Emma:
I really have to disagree with the judges on their scores here, but I will agree with them that this was one of the night's weakest dances. It was far from being John's best dance (it was actually one of his weakest so far), but he still did an admirable job and the dance was still very entertaining. It fit the holiday very nicely, but it wasn't as refined as it should have been.
Score: 7

Grocery Story Joe Amabile & Jenna:
This was the night's biggest shock, and it's not even close. After the absolute dumpster fire that was his trio dance, he saw some moderate improvement last week that blossomed into a major improvement this week. The dance still wasn't phenomenal, but it actually wasn't the worst of the night for a change. Joe actually looked like he was enjoying himself for once, and that went a long way. Hopefully he enjoys himself next week, too.
Score: 7

DeMarcus Ware & Lindsay:
DeMarcus hasn't quite lived up to the potential he showed on premiere night, and I would call him a middle-of-the-pack performer thus far. However, this dance was definitely his best so far and it really showed me why I loved his first dance so much.
Score: 9

Dancers of the Night: Milo & Witney
Honorable Mention: Juan Pablo & Cheryl

Worst of the Night: John & Emma
(Dis)Honorable Mention: Joe & Jenna

Rankings for the Week:
1- Milo & Witney
2- Juan Pablo & Cheryl
3- Evanna & Keo
4- Alexis & Alan
5- DeMarcus & Lindsay
6- Mary Lou & Sasha
7- Bobby & Sharna
8- Joe & Jenna
9- John & Emma

While I was unhappy with the night's elimination (Mary Lou got robbed!!!), the night was a very fun one overall. There were a ton of excellent performances, and even some of the weaker ones were still wildly entertaining. I actually only planned on watching half of the episode the night it aired while saving the rest for another night, but it was so much fun that I watched it in its entirety. I'm glad that, after a somewhat-lackluster start to the season, the show is back to being a real treat.
Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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