CW Renew/Cancel: A Glimmer of Hope for Black Lightning’s Ratings

Welcome to the CW Renew/Cancel Watch, and minus Legacies, all the shows have premiered. Let's get to the predictions!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Certain Renewal
Certain Renewal
Certain Renewal
The Flash
Certain Renewal
Likely Renewal
Black Lightning
Likely Renewal
Likely Renewal
Likely Renewal
Likely Renewal
Likely Cancelation
Premieres 10/25
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Final Season
Final Season
Jane the Virgin
Final Season

Black Lightning: The show dropped to a 0.3 this week in the key demographic. That may be somewhat disappointing, but in the context of things, the BET Hip Hop Awards aired while Black Lightning was on the air. While that may not have affected things as much as many people would like to admit, the rest of the WB shows on the CW are pulling a 0.4 or higher in the ratings. At least one WB show will likely pull 0.3s by the end of fall, and in the context of declining ratings overall, this does not warrant an immediate downgrade for it. Black Lightning remains likely to be renewed, unless ratings decline further.

All American: Pending an expected drop to a 0.1 later on, All American is now likely to be canceled. For a WB rookie, being the lowest rated non-Friday show on the CW is not an acceptable level for it.

The rest of the CW may get some upgrades in the next installment, barring any ratings collapses.

What do you think about the predictions this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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