Young Sheldon Season 2 Episode 5 Review

It's an experimental episode of Young Sheldon this week, as Sheldon and Missy become test subjects and Rex from Toy Story Wallace Shawn makes an appearance. It should be another fun episode of one of my favorite shows of the season.

John asks George for permission to experiment on Sheldon and Missy as part of an experiment on twins. George doesn't want to do it at first due to the long drive, but the big payment is enough for him to approve. Mary isn't on board at first, but George sways her. The twins also agree, and the experiment will go on. The test begins with some interesting, completely expected, results, with Sheldon commenting on and criticizing the test for being easy and Missy spending most of the time talking to one of the scientists.

In a different portion of the experiment, Missy is doing a lot better than Sheldon. The two have to examine pictures, and Sheldon is bombing. During the test, the family hears Missy talking about how nobody is on her team, with George and Georgie being a "team" and Meemaw, Mary and Sheldon being their own "team." This leads to Mary letting Missy choose the restaurant they'll be going to eat at on the way home, which makes Sheldon super confused.


This was, without a doubt, the worst episode of the season. As always, it had some really funny moments, but it didn't really go anywhere. There was basically no plot this week, aside from Sheldon and Missy being in the experiment. Spending the entire episode on the experiment wasn't a great creative choice, and it left me wanting more. While that didn't make it bad, it did make the episode a real disappointment. I was really excited for this episode and it let me down. The episode wasn't all that creative or original, which isn't usual for this show. It honestly felt like an episode that any family comedy could have done. However, I will compliment it for making Missy the star instead of the typical Sheldon-led main plot. It didn't go that well this time around, but I still love Missy and it was nie to see her get increased screentime.

Grade: 7.5/10
Grade: B-

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