Young Sheldon Season 2 Episode 4 Review

It's been a little while since my last Young Sheldon review but rest assured, they're finally back this week. I'm glad to be back to reviewing it, because Young Sheldon has been a pleasant surprise this season. While the first season was consistently solid, this season has been a step up, and has delivered fantastic episodes every week.

It's time for Sheldon to do the family's taxes, which makes him strangely ecstatic. He takes his role very seriously and is very upset that a check is missing, which he figures out was for $300. He asks George about it, but he's very secretive and doesn't want Sheldon telling Mary about it. Sheldon starts acting weird around Mary because of the secret, but nobody really notices at first. He tries to avoid contact with Mary, which leads to him hiding in various strange places. Mary finally notices that something's off about Sheldon, but George brushes it off. Later, George goes to see Meemaw, telling her that Sheldon can't hold their secret, whatever that is, for long. Meemaw doesn't think this is an option, so she blackmails George.

Sheldon tries to get a hotel room, but that's way too expensive for him. So he ends up asking his friend Tam to have a sleepover. Tam's not too sure, but eventually, he agrees. Sheldon has an... interesting time at Tam's. Meanwhile, Mary is wondering why Sheldon suddenly wanted to stay at Tam's, and she blames herself. George wants to come clean to her, but Meemaw won't budge. Back at Tam's, Sheldon tells Tam what's going on, and he finally clears his conscience. And later, his colon.

Sheldon's now mad at George because he asked him to keep the secret, and he tells him he can no longer look up to him as a role model. This causes George to finally come clean to Mary, which leads to Mary yelling at Meemaw. It turns out that Meemaw took Georgie to the dog track, and had a few too many. This cause Georgie to drive them home, but they got pulled over. To keep Georgie out of trouble, Meemaw got behind the wheel and ended up getting a ticket. And that's what the check was for. Once the entire secret is out, Mary kicks George and Georgie out of the house until further notice. That night, as her revenge, Meemaw calls Mary to rat out George about his drunken night at the church picnic.

This was another great episode for Young Sheldon, and was only a mild step down from last week's phenomenal Mary-centric episode. There were extremely hilarious and deeply touching moments to be found in this episode. I genuinely felt bad for George when Sheldon told him he wasn't his role model anymore, and then was laughing hysterically just minutes later when Mary was reprimanding the episode's trio of troublemakers. Getting to know Tam's family a bit was pretty interesting, and I would like to see more of them in the future.

Also, and I don't even think this needs to be said because it's such an obvious fact, but Annie Potts is a national treasure. Meemaw and George freaking out about Mary learning their secret and the eventual reveal of their secret was just delightful. It was great to see those two not at each other's throats for once, even though Meemaw's blackmail was the only reason their truce lasted as long as it did.

Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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