Jane the Virgin S3E17 Review

This week we get to find out what Lina's up to now, as we haven't seen her yet since the time jump.

S3E17 "Chapter Sixty-One"

The beginning of the episode shows Jane when she was a teenager, going on a double date with Lina. In the present, we find out that Jane and Lina haven't been in touch very much recently, since Lina moved away, but it turns out she is in town. Jane and Lina meet up, but it is really awkward and weird. Alba tells Jane that when her husband died she found out who her real friends were, and when Jane finds out that Lina was in town back in June as well she believes that Lina abandoned her. When Jane and Lina talk, Lina reveals how she didn't know how to express her emotions around Jane when she was still really sad about Michael. This reasoning as to why they drifted apart was great and made total sense.

Jane finds out that Fabian does not want to have sex until he at least is in a serious relationship. This creates an interesting situation for Jane, who knows what it's like for someone to break up with her just because she doesn't want to have sex, but also has no interest in a serious relationship with Fabian. Lina reminds Jane that the two of them  don't have much in common, but they worked out as friends. So, Jane decides to get to know Fabian better, and they have a great time. I really liked seeing Jane confront this bias she had against Fabian for him not reading books like she does, and discovering that they can still have a great time.

The situation with Petra and Anezka regarding Scott's death is getting interesting. Petra reveals to Rafael that she dressed up as Anezka and made it clear to Scott that they were done, which someone caught on video, shortly before he died. A twist at the end of the episode reveals that someone mentioned in the burn book is Chuck, who currently happens to be with Petra.

Alba is getting annoyed reading immigration-related news, and when a woman in the gift shop tells another to speak English. However, she doesn't want to protest, because she is worried her green card could be taken away. After telling Mateo to be brave though, Alba decides to go to the march. She tells Jorge, and this is how she finds out that he is undocumented.

There are also a couple of romantic stories this week. Rafael tries to figure out his feelings for Petra, and Xo and Rogelio try to figure out their relationship. There was nothing special about Rafael and Petra really, it felt like a waste of time. For Xo and Rogelio, however, there was a great scene where Xo proposed to Rogelio. I especially loved Alba here, as she helps trick Rogelio.

Jane's two stories this week with Lina and with Fabian were both great, and I really liked how they connected. None of the other stories were particularly weak, aside from Rafael's feelings for Petra, though they didn't stand out either. Alba did provide some great moments, though there was a point where it felt a bit preachy.

Score: 9/10

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