The Middle S8E21 Review

This week's episode deals with Mike's birthday.

S8E21 "Clear and Present Danger"

Frankie is searching for a present she got Axl for graduation, though she can't remember what it is. The conversation she has with Sue about this is very funny. Frankie finds the gift, and it turns out that it isn't actually as great as she remembers it being. Sue wants to get Mike a great present for his birthday. She decides to make a video, and she has some funny interactions with other family members as she gives them questions she plans to ask, and they say that this is a bad idea. Sue shows Mike the video, but he doesn't like it, and doesn't watch the whole thing. Mike ends up trying to make things up to Sue, which includes driving her back to college. On the drive, Mike and Sue end up connecting, as Mike shares about his mom, which is really sweet.

After an incident where Cindy shows how she is stronger than Brick, he tells Axl that he would like to be stronger. There's a hilarious line: "I should get some of those muscles I read about." Axl attempts to train Brick, but it doesn't go very well. When Axl gets worried about hitting his peak physically, things get flipped around, as Brick helps him work on things mentally, where the peak is later in life. This flip made the story work very well. In the end, Brick still isn't able to lift Cindy's bag, but he tells Cindy he has been doing some lifting--of his books.

The main story of this episode was very strong. It was frequently funny in a typical Sue sort of way, and it ended with a very sincere moment. Axl and Brick also had some very funny moments.

Score: 9.5/10

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