Fresh Off the Boat S3E22 Review

The first part of Fresh Off the Boat's season finale has Evan trying to get into a private school.

S3E22 "This Is Us"

Evan wants to go to private school, but Jessica doesn't want to spend that amount of money. Jessica shows Evan her plans for the kids' lives, which is a pretty funny thing for her to have done, and Evan makes her realize how he is ahead of schedule on his path to being doctor-president.

Jessica finally decides to hear out a person from the private school, and her reactions to what he says are great. It's very funny when Jessica tries to negotiate the price of the school. Evan doesn't actually end up getting in to the school, and it's hilarious when they were sent bumper stickers about almost getting into the school.

Jessica is convinced that someone got something wrong, and discovers Evan may have gotten rejected because the family rents. Things change, however, when Jessica and Louis decide to buy a nice house, which will get Evan into the private school.

Also this week, Eddie and his friends edit a video of their middle school graduation. They put funny comments on it, which entertains them. However, the video ends up out of their hands, which could potentially bring embarrassment, so they attempt to get it back. This is a moderately amusing story.

Jessica was hilarious this week, and Evan was great as well. The rest of the episode wasn't as strong, but luckily those two got the most screen time, and they made use of it.

Score: 8.5/10

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