Bull S1E21 Review

This episode shows the beginning of a three-episode arc featuring a potential new main cast member in season two.

S1E21 "How to Dodge a Bullet"

The episode begins with a voice-over from Bull. This voice-over sounds dumb, and it's strange because episodes normally don't start like that. Benny gets arrested, and one of his charges turns out being tampering with evidence, which he didn't expect. He pleads not guilty. Bull is informed of a meeting in the early morning, and this is where he, and the audience, meets J.P, who explains who she is: "a fixer". Bull and J.P. end up at odds, but they come to an agreement: she does this one case for him, and he does three cases for her.

As the third act begins, Bull introduces J.P. to the concept of what he does. It's about time the episode gets to this. This feels like a new pilot for the show. It's re-introducing the concept, and the episode feels a lot different than the past episodes of the show. Then, the episode finally travels to the courtroom. The details of Benny's case is fairly boring. This case is much less interesting than the ones that the show has handled in the past. The case ends up going well, which means that Bull and J.P. will continue to work together, as expected.

I had many issues with this episode. The case was boring, it didn't feel like a normal Bull episode, and the supporting characters didn't get much to do. In fact, Marissa was the only one to get more than a couple of lines. I also did not care for this relationship between Bull and J.P. at all, though maybe the next two episodes will change my mind.

Score: 2/10

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