CBS Renew/Cancel: Clarice Is A Likely To Be Skinned Off The Schedule As Equalizer is Renewed

 What else is to report after CBS has cooled it with their latest unveilings over the last 3 weeks?  Add The Equalizer to the Renewed list (surprise).  Yes, it disappointed in the Superbowl retention halo.  But the aesthetics and energy have reinvigorated CBS Sundays, an evening notorious for snoozy comfort food like God Friended Me and Elementary, or a storage shelf for procedural spinoffs (hello NCIS children).  CBS has been observed as being tired and recently relying heavily on reboots (a fading trend thankfully).  And somehow, crafted a masterpiece with Queen Latifah bringing new flavor to an undesirable evening.

Elsewhere, Clarice is nearing the chopping block despite being previously predicted as a Likely Renewal.  The change comes as Clarice continues to skin the ratings lower each week.  This would go unnoticed in Spring as series gain ground.  However, Young Sheldon's resurgence has left windfalls of ratings over the sitcoms with even ailing Unicorn enjoying healthy bumps.  Clarice has not shown signs of growth with this upswing, downgrading the prediction.  A pity as Clarice is indeed an update to the procedural.  So who is next in line for a called renewal?  Eyes are on Young Sheldon and B-Positive.  As for cancellations?  The network is tired and is more likely to hold out in cancellations until May.

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