TVRG Productions March News Day: New Series Order


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New Series Order
TVRG Productions has ordered to series a new show from Numb Humor Studios: Proxima Centauri. The show follows a group of humans on the starship Tranquility who join a galactic treasure hunt in search of a priceless treasure rumored to be located near Proxima Centauri. During the search, they discover that the treasure is not what they thought it was. Along the way, they encounter numerous alien threats as everyone seeks out a treasure that could change the future of the galaxy. 

Numb Humor Studios is also behind our current shows What In The World! and College, as well as the former Planet Z. Proxima Centauri is set to debut later in 2021 with a binge release, meaning multiple episodes will be released at once. 

April News Day
Although we only have one piece of news to report this month, there is much more on the way in April! 

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