2020-21 Sitcom Scorecard (3/11-3/18): Kenan is On The Bubble

The ranks of the sitcoms are shuffling rapidly due to FOX's earlier season of NFL inflation is dropping fast, now below the average sitcom rating of 0.622.  In fact, only CBS remains above this measure now with stronger players as ABC comedies took a nosedive this season, and perennially last NBC is rebuilding after long-running players are exiting.  Impressively, outgoing Mom has maintained decently in its 8th and final season, slightly aiding The Unicorn as it struggled this season.  Speaking of The Unicorn, it bowed out in a double showing on 3/18 without a single original episode from other series surrounding it.  The writing is on the wall that CBS is no longer invested in the series.

Kenan debuted in an ideal Tuesday timeslot wedged between stronger sitcom Young Rock and simultaneous showings of This Is Us and The Voice.  So how come its ratings resemble the weakened sitcom ratings resembling Thursday sitcoms Mr. Mayor and outgoing Superstore?  Young Rock and Kenan are being developed and groomed to potentially bridge NBC Thursdays once Superstore and Brooklyn 99 are gone.  Young Rock has utilized the opportunity and appears to be on track for renewal while Mr. Mayor and Kenan do not appear to have developed strong fanbases.  If Kenan were to air on Thursdays, how would its ratings fare?  The show is not considered a Likely Cancellation, but has not located its ratings plateau and not a Likely Renewal either.  The show remains On the Bubble and the remainder of the season will give a better indicator if it will be on the 2021-22 schedule.

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