Weekly Questions: An Open-Ended Discussion


Here are five open-ended discussion questions related to TV. I’ve provided my answers to the questions; tell me yours by leaving a comment!

1. What will be Superstore’s legacy in the next 10 years?

When adjusted for typical league average declines, Superstore was the most popular comedy on NBC since The Office. Given the many parallels to The Office, it is easy to see why. If ordered, I don’t think the Cheyanne spinoff of Superstore will do particularly well, and I think the weak season Superstore had ratings-wise will make its potential pickup a long-shot. I wouldn’t bet on Superstore having a particularly lucrative afterlife, but I could see it gaining a niche fan base on Peacock. 

2. Should CBS schedule an all-FBI night or spread the shows out?

CBS has ordered a third FBI show to series, bringing to life the theory that Dick Wolf must have multiple spinoffs of every show that does decently for the network. CBS shied away from doing an all-NCIS night when NCIS: NO arrived, so I have a hard time seeing an all-FBI night. Most Wanted and International could potentially share a time slot. I could see one of the spinoffs going to Mondays at 9, with All Rise moved or canceled. 

3. What is one show you think might be revived or rebooted by a streaming service? Pick a show that has already been canceled/ended and does not have a reboot in the development stage. 

A decent amount of the shows Paramount+ is rebooting was either a spinoff or had a spinoff. For example, iCarly, Dora The Explorer, and Rugrats all had spinoffs, and Frasier is a spinoff. If Frasier does well, I could see a limited series Cheers reboot happening. 

4. Will FOX News cancel any shows or put anyone on vacation as a result of the $1.6 billion lawsuit by Dominion? 

FOX News has made sure in court to make a distinction between their opinion shows and news shows. This means election result deniers like Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine, and Jesse Watters will probably be safe from harm. Anyone on an afternoon or nightly news show, though, is fair game if they in any way doubted the election results on-air, and especially Dominion’s role in it. 

5. What do you think would do better in A18-49 L+SD if aired in the same time slot as Chicago Med currently does: a spinoff of Chicago Med or a revival of Chicago Justice?

The main reason Chicago Justice was canceled was reportedly not because of low ratings, but rather because NBC thought four Chicago shows was too much in an era where Chicago Fire was having trouble getting sold into syndication. Now that the Chicago franchise has found its footing in both linear ratings and syndication, I think a Chicago Justice revival would do almost as well, if not as well, as Chicago Med. A direct spinoff of Chicago Med would be riskier, and success would depend upon what exactly the spinoff is. I’m going with a revival of Chicago Justice. 

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