2020-21 Season To Date Report (9/21-3/25): Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Shall Be Tested Again on Sundays But Leans Renewal on 1st Place NBC

NBC's show ponies took some hits during this bleak season.  Since 2007, every season has lost 10-20% each season for all networks.  Where things have grown critical is runaway hits such as The Masked Singer, This Is Us, Empire, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family are becoming rarer and rarer.  Masked Singer and TIU are the only megahits left, and both have taken large hits as they age.  This is Us is already fractional, and The Masked Singer's spring average is a half point lower than Fall 2020.  Each profile of the Season To Date report sees scripted shows sliding further down the ladder, and Reality TV based programs are climbing past.

NBC has a solid roster of sturdy dramas, most of which were renewed in bulk.  The business model for broadcast networks calls for leaving space for new pilots to breathe life into the network.  This is where shows such as Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist come into play.  It ranks 93rd Place among the 157 entries, but it also holds strong buzz and has proven aesthetically appealing for new viewers.  Majority of NBC's dramas involve civic procedurals or crimetime fares.  Zoey's has avoided this element and is also nestled on Sunday evening, an undesirable evening with lenient expectations with the ratings.  NBC's attempt to bolster Zoey's next door to This is Us backfired as it did not air consistently behind original episodes (this is partially due to Mandy Moore's real-life pregnancy and crew members being exposed to COVID and shutting down production).  

Unlike Debris which squandered its rich lead-in with The Voice, Zoey's performed within a consistent range for the 6 episodes given additional exposure.  Therefore, it Leans Renewal.  And if for some unforeseen reason NBC decides to push it off the schedule, Peacock TV is eager to locate original hits.

Stay tuned for a week of premieres as Manifest, Supergirl and The Moodys return to the schedule and Pooch Perfect and United States of Al make their debuts.  Predictions for the new entries:

Supergirl: Do ratings even matter on CW?  It lets the majority of its shows finish in a graceful manner, so enjoy the party and send off CW's CBS salvage.

Pooch Perfect: Reality TV has held stronger this season, but Tuesdays in 2021 have been rougher for ABC.  The jury is out, and hopefully ABC locates another hit for its lineup.

United States of Al: The Chuck Lorre sitcom has landed in the plum timeslot behind Young Sheldon.  But why has it been kept on the shelf so long into the season?  If it can match B-Positive (which itself is being tested and moved to the 9:30 timeslot), CBS could have located another sitcom for its 2021-22 schedule.

The Moodys: Does anyone remember this series?  It was to be a limited series on FOX in December 2019 and rated dreadfully.  The Thursday timeslot foreshadows another rough year, but who knows?

Manifest: The series enjoyed healthy exposure behind The Voice.  It has had its chance to gain exposure, and shall be tested colonizing a timeslot left in ruins by weak comedies.  Strong performances are predicted.

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