Reality Renew/Cancel Part 5: Game of Talents Flounders as The Masked Singer Stays on Top

It's been some time since I've done an update to the Reality Renew/Cancel, and with the return of TV's #1 reality show this week, it felt like a good time for an update! Read on for my thoughts on The Masked Singer, Game of Talents, Tough as Nails, and more!

Certain Cancellation:
Cherries Wild

Likely Cancellation: 
Card Sharks
The Con
Soul of a Nation

Leans Cancellation:
48 Hours: Suspicion
Emergency Call
Game of Talents
Greatest #AtHome Videos
The Masked Dancer
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Leans Renewal:
The Christmas Caroler Challenge
Ellen's Game of Games
The Hustler
Supermarket Sweep
The Wall

Likely Renewal:
Name That Tune
Tough As Nails
Undercover Boss

Certain Renewal:
48 Hours
60 Minutes
American Ninja Warrior
America's Funniest Home Videos
The Bachelor
The Bachelorette
Big Brother
Celebrity Family Feud
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune
The Chase
Dancing with the Stars
Dateline NBC
The Masked Singer
Match Game
Press Your Luck
Shark Tank
Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Already Renewed:
The Amazing Race
Hell's Kitchen
The Great Christmas Light Fight
I Can See Your Voice
The Masked Singer
Penn & Teller: Fool Us
The Voice
Weakest Link
World's Funniest Animals

Coming Soon:
The $100,000 Pyramid
Beat Shazam
Come Dance With Me
Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways
The FBI Declassified
Generation Gap
Great Chocolate Showdown
Home Sweet Home
LEGO Masters
Making It
MasterChef Junior
Mental Samurai
Pooch Perfect
Small Fortune
That's My Jam
True Story
Ultimate Surfer
Who Do You Think You Are?

The Masked Singer: This isn't going to suprise anyone, but The Masked Singer remains a hit. Sure, it returned with a new low this week, but that doesn't mean it's in any danger. The musical mystery series remains by far the #1 show on Wednesday nights and delivers Fox frequent wins, and is still one of the highest-rated shows on televiosn, even after declines. It's a CERTAIN RENEWAL if there ever was one.

Game of Talents: The newest Masked Singer lead-out, on the other hand, is not off to a strong start at all. Its 0.73 start is just 56% of the rating Singer drew immediately preciding the debut of Talents. This is, astounding enough, just a single hundreth above the premiere of Name That Tune, despite a lead in that's nearly double waht Tune had. Its two-tenth drop at 9:30 isn't terrible encouraging, and it looks like this show is headed for steeper drops as the season goes on. It's not entirely DOA, but the future is murky, and it needs to hold at this level to have a real shot at renewal. Fox can do better than this show, and they surely expect better for a show in that slot. It LEANS CANCELLATION.

The Masked Dancer: Speaking of disappointing, The Masked Dancer! The spinoff of The Masked Singer wasn't nearly the hit that Fox was hoping for. It went as low as a 0.55 during its run, which is probably not any stronger than what some filler show would have done in that slot. Name that Tune, which is likely cheaper and easier to produce, did just about the same in the slot as Dancer. Bringing this show back also brings the risk of dilluting the Masked brand. It's possible that the show already helped bring some fatigue, seeing as The Masked Singer hit a low for its premiere. It doesn't feel like it would be worth it to bring this show back. It LEANS CANCELLATION.

Soul of a Nation: A filler show meant to bridge the gap between half-seasons of Big Sky, Soul of a Nation has certainly not made a splash in its two aired episodes. Though it's probably very inexpensive,  it's hard to see any reason for ABC to bring it back. The 0.2 it received this week made it by far the lowest-rated show in its slot, and it ties The Con for the lowest-rated 10 PM show on ABC this past week, tying the 10 PM Saturday repeat of American Idol. Why they would ever consider bringing this back, I don't know. Like The Con, it's a LIKELY CANCELLATION.

Tough as Nails: This show appears to be a pet project of Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, and despite its low ratings, CBS seems to really like it. It's no Survivor, nor is it even in the same league as Survivor. It's helped CBS become the weakest network on Wednesday nights, with 0.4s all night this week. Despite its weakness, though, the show seems like it's in decent shape to return. CBS liked it enough to bring it back in-season in an 8 PM slot, so it's surely making them money somehow. Networks don't air shows out of the goodness of their hearts. A weak performance probably won't stop it from getting a renewal for summer, the season it originated in. It's a LIKELY RENEWAL.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll!

Where would you place Game of Talents?
Certain Renewal
Likely Renewal
Leans Renewal
Leans Cancellation
Likely Cancellation
Certain Cancellation

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