CBS is Desperate. It Has Greenlighted a "Young Hetty" NCIS: Los Angeles Spinoff to Get The Seniors in the Retirement Home to Wake Up Early at 11:30PM to Tune In

Television has gotten lazy, particularly CBS going so far as to hire stars of the 1984 laugher Gremlins to headline their network.  Seeing Young Sheldon shaved off 20% of the ratings of its parent show, they decided to attempt the same fortunes on Sunday evening after the local news.  Were they interested in young clones of Sam or Marty?  They must have scraped the barrel as they decided to focus on resident Houseplant Hetty in the 80's.  To keep era-appropriate, CBS has cast the green folks of the gremlins cast to play Hetty and her relatives.  As hiring a lovely talent like Linda Hunt would do nothing to bolster this dud.

So what exactly did Hetty do before she got to a forgettable procedural like NCIS: Los Angeles besides drink scotch and tea, and eat tuna out of a box from a lovely lady?  Judging by the image above, this show shall be a slapstick mess, explaining how Hetty wound up with a hairdo from one of the Three Stooges.

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