Fox Renew/Cancel #8: ’The Resident’ Is A Likely Renewal


Predictions for 3/31/21

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Below are the latest renew/cancel predictions for the Fox network and the respective A18-49 rating averages for the listed programs. Since the previous breakdown, one series has received an early renewal while another has ended its season. 

The Resident: Since the last update, the average of 'The Resident' has risen by one-hundredth from a 0.58 to a 0.59. That may not seem noteworthy, but it serves as a testament to the stability of this medical drama. Barring a timeslot change or lead-in improvement, it's quite rare for a show's average to rise in March. On top of that, the March 2nd installment (0.62) marks the program's strongest rating since its January premiere. Although it's likely to drop a good bit once it returns in mid-April, the series has clearly performed well enough to secure another batch of episodes. Expect a fifth-season renewal for this Amy Holden Jones project. Status: LIKELY RENEWAL

Call Me Kat: Mayim Bialik's cat-inspired sitcom closed out its 13-episode season on March 25th, bowing out with a 0.48 rating and a 0.59 A18-49 average overall. 'Kat' had found itself in troubling territory a few episodes earlier when it fell to a miserable 0.4 rating. That may have been the final nail in the coffin for the comedy series had it not been for the announcement that 'Thursday Night Football' will be moving from Fox to Amazon Prime in 2023. This means that the Fox network will have to schedule original programming on Thursday nights in the fall. All of a sudden, a passable performer like 'Call Me Kat' has become a lot more valuable to the company. 'Kat' shot back up to a 0.6 rating the same day that the news broke, proving its worth even more. There's no guarantee that the Bialik vehicle will be back, but it's more likely than not to return. As a result, its status stays the same. Status: LIKELY RENEWAL

The Simpsons: Fox handed this long-running cartoon staple a two-season renewal on March 3rd, meaning it will stick around until at least its 34th season. Although the series is struggling to post anything higher than a 0.4 A18-49 rating, 'The Simpsons' remains one of the most iconic shows on television. It's clear that Fox does not want to get rid of it anytime soon. Even if its spring ratings leave much to be desired, it can always be counted on to rise to a 1.0 rating or more when given the NFL lead-in during the fall months. There was never any real doubt about this animated sitcom's fate and it goes down as a correct prediction. Status: RENEWED

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