Sitcom Scorecard 2019-20, January 27: Down Goes the ABC Comedies

Welcome to the Sitcom Scorecard, and in this week's installment, there were some changes to the rankings. Just a disclaimer, the Sitcom and Drama Scorecards are completely different than the regular Renew/Cancel columns. Click on the Renew/Cancel tab to access them. And now, here are the standings as of January 27.

Oomph goes the Outmatched premiere onto the Middle of the Pack. The FOX comedy's 0.7 premiere after Last Man Standing was not too shabby retention wise. But there is a lack of space in the FOX comedy repertoire. I don't know how New FOX will take its performance, but considering the ramping of animation, I don't see how they will keep up with live action comedies. We'll see in two weeks. 

On ABC, the sitcom decline continues. The Conners notched a 1.0, and the quest for #1 is becoming out of reach. It's like a slip and slide with ABC comedies. You get a lift and all of a sudden, you slide down into the water. With the -ish comedies at 0.5s, the mothership is dangerously close to sliding into anemic territory in a few weeks if it's not careful. black-ish looks to be an According to Jim-type performer on the lineup when you take Friday comedies American Housewife and Fresh Off the Boat out of the equation.

On NBC, say goodbye to Perfect Harmony as it aired its final episode this past week. The second lowest sitcom on the scorecard and on the network's lineup comes in with a pathetic final average of a 0.42 in the key A18-49 demographic. We'll see Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Indebted in two weeks.

CBS remains on the steady side of things with the lineups going into repeats this week. Carol's Second Act went up slightly on the rankings because of the decline of black-ish. But there is still a huge gap in between it and The Unicorn. The Scorecard is more lenient on it than The Unicorn based on the 9:30 time slot factor. But expect it and The Unicorn to get some competition with Broke.

What do you think about this week's standings? Sound off in the comments below!

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