Marietta Season 2 Episode 8 - Swearing In

 Marietta Season 2, Episode 8
Swearing In

Soon after returning home from Baton Rouge, Milton receives a call from Kate.
Milton: Kate! I was just going to call you! How are you?
Kate: I’m doing well. Just busy preparing to become Majority Leader. How are you?
Milton: I’m doing pretty well myself. Just trying to prepare myself for becoming a Senator, whatever that’s supposed to entail.
Kate: Didn’t you ask Marietta?
Milton: I don’t want to. It’ll feel like I’m rubbing it in. She’s upset enough already about it.
Kate: Upset? What about?
Milton: I think it’s just bringing up memories of when she lost. And making her sad she can’t be part of the ride.
Kate: Am I going to have to call her and tell her to stop being ridiculous? I know this might bring up some ugly memories but she should be celebrating her brother’s big new opportunity and not pouting.
Milton: She hasn’t been mean to me about it, I can just tell she’s upset. Don’t be too mad at her.
Kate: I’m not mad at her, but I’m still calling her.
Milton: What? There’s no need to do that.
Kate: Oh Milton. Yes there is. In the meantime, you should call Tammy and ask her what you’ll need to do to prepare to be a senator. She’s given the talk about a million times so she can help you out.
Milton: I don’t know if any of that is necessary at all. I don’t want to bother Tammy when she's busy.
Kate: Busy doing what? Tammy has the time for a half hour phone call that can help make you a better senator. You’re going to be the most important part of my caucus, Milton. The entire nation has their eyes on you. We have to make sure you’re prepared to do this job.
Milton: You make a good point. I’ll call her.
Kate: Hey, while you’re on the phone with her, maybe you can ask her if she’d escort you down the Senate aisle when you’re sworn in. It’s customary for senators being sworn in for a new term to have one or two fellow senators escort them on their way to being sworn in and since Tammy was senator, you can ask her. You should probably ask Marietta, too.
Milton: Sounds like a plan.
Kate: Great! I guess I’ll see you on Tuesday!
Milton and Kate hang up and Kate immediately calls Marietta.
Marietta: What’s going on? You only call when something’s wrong.
Kate: What is wrong with you? You’re making Milton feel guilty for taking the Senate seat when it’s the best opportunity that’s ever gonna come his way.
Marietta: He told you?
Kate: Yes! He’s afraid to ask you for advice so I had him call Tammy and ask her. Can you just be supportive of your brother? I think it would mean a lot to him if you called him up and gave him some advice. Maybe even offered to walk him down the Senate aisle. Something to make him feel like you’re okay with this.
Marietta: I am okay with him becoming a senator. I’m just having a lot of complex emotions right now because I’m only human.
Kate: You can have all of those emotions and shouldn’t feel guilty about them. Just don’t make Milton feel guilty either.
Marietta: You’re so smart. Like a wise old owl.
Kate: I’m younger than you!
Marietta: Oh Kate. You tell yourself that.
Kate: It’s a fact.
Marietta: Sure.
Kate: So, are you going to be more encouraging to Milton? I think it’ll make him feel a lot better.
Marietta: Yes, Kate. If it keeps you happy, I will be supportive to him and try to not be sad around him.
Kate: Good. Because he’s going to ask you and Tammy to walk you down the Senate aisle with him when he’s sworn in and you need to agree to it or it’ll break his heart.
Marietta: He is? Aww, that’s so sweet.
Kate: Wait, you actually want to do it?
Marietta: Yes. It’s a special moment and we’ll get to celebrate it together.
Kate: I’m glad you’re starting to come around to the idea.
Marietta: I’ve said a million times I was never against it. It just made me feel complex emotions. I still feel that way but right now I’m leaning towards happiness.
Kate: Good for you! Now I’d better get going so I can get back to my own preparation to become  the Majority Leader.
Marietta: Good lucky! See you Tuesday.
Kate: See you then.
Three hours later, Milton calls Marietta.
Marietta: Milton! What are you doing calling so late?
Milton: Tammy.
Marietta: What about Tammy?
Milton: She. Would. Not. Shut. Up.
Marietta: What were you calling about that she kept you on for so long?
Milton: I asked her for advice about what to do when first becoming a senator. She had some thoughts on that.
Marietta: Oh boy. She used to advise all the new senators when she was majority leader and I guess she really misses that. Hence her keeping you on the phone for three hours.
Milton: She explained how the Capitol subway system works. As if I don’t know how a subway works.
Marietta: She’s like that sometimes. I wasn’t fortunate to be shown the ropes by her but I was around her for plenty of her Senate introductions and they were typically way too detailed.
Milton: That reminds me. I have something important to ask you. Obviously the entire family is coming down to witness the swearing in, but would you like to walk me down the Senate aisle? Former senators have floor privileges and I think it would be nice to have you walk me down. I asked Tammy as well.
Marietta: Of course I would! It’s so thoughtful of you to ask me!
Milton: Kate already asked you, didn't she?
Marietta: How did you know?
Milton: That response sounded way too rehearsed. As if you weren’t surprised to hear me ask at all.
Marietta: You know me too well.
Milton: Alright Marietta, I better get back to packing. I have a lot to do before we leave tomorrow.
Marietta: Tomorrow?
Milton: Yeah, I bought us eight tickets to DC for tomorrow night. Didn’t mom tell you?
Marietta: Of course she didn’t, she’s mom. I guess I’ll get packing as well.
The next day, at the airport…
Martin: Where did Kathleen go?
Patty Lynn: She went for a pretzel, keep up old man.
Martin: Why would she go for a pretzel now? We’re going through security in a few minutes.
Patty Lynn: She’s your sister. If anyone knew why she did half the weird crap she did, it’d be you.
Eliza: Aunt Patty Lynn, do you have the wording passes?
Patty Lynn: No. I gave them to Kathleen. Why?
Eliza: I was just trying to get through the security quickly so I could call Henrietta to see how Gabby and Jeremiah are doing. I’ve never left them alone.
Patty Lynn: Well, you’re going to have to wait because Kathleen needed a pretzel.
Marietta: You really thought that you could get through security quickly? That’s funny.
Eliza: It’s fine, we’re still early. I’ll be able to call her.
Marietta: We’ll see. This family doesn’t do anything fast.
Martin: Have faith, Marietta! This is going to be a great family trip!
Patty Lynn: If we ever leave.
Kathleen: I’m back, guys!
Patty Lynn: Thank god, now let’s get through security!
Elena: Yes, we have a daughter to call!
Patty Lynn: We get it, girls. You have children.
Marietta: Mom, why are you so angry today?
Patty Lynn: Your father wouldn’t let me pack my camera. He said we didn’t need it because we both have smart phones and that’s enough.
Marietta: That’s why you’re mad? My goodness. Just calm down, there’s a lot to be happy about right now.
Tammy: Like your son becoming a senator! Let’s not forget why we’re all here.
Marietta: Tammy, don’t push it. You’re technically not family. 
Tammy: Excuse me?
Marietta: I mean…
Tammy: Kathleen, can I have that boarding pass?
Kathleen: Sure.
Tammy: Thanks. I’ll see you guys in a few hours. Nobody should care though since I’m not family.
Marietta: Tammy! Don’t be like that!
Tammy storms off.
Milton: I see this is going well already.
Eliza: Oooh, I think Henrietta is calling me.
Elena: I don’t think we’re allowed to talk about that around somebody.
Patty Lynn: You mean me? You can talk your kids around me! I was just in a bad mood.
Milton: You aren’t anymore though. We’re all happy now!
Kathleen: Guys, I’m gonna go buy another pretzel.
Marietta: Nobody cares, Aunt Kathleen!
Martin: I care.
Ten minutes later, the family finally makes it to the security checkpoint.
TSA Agent: Ma’am, you’re going to have to throw that pretzel away.
Kathleen: What? I just bought it! Here! At the airport!
TSA Agent: I still can’t let you take it with you.
Kathleen: Can I at least eat it quickly?
TSA Agent: You’ll have to go to the back of the line.
Kathleen: Alr-
Milton: Please no. We need to hurry.
Kathleen: Fine. Throw it away.
Two hours later, on the airplane…
Marietta: Tammy…
Tammy grabs a book from her purse.
Marietta: Tammy!
Tammy turns away from Marietta.
Marietta: TAMMY!
Tammy: Hey Kathleen, could you switch seats with me?
Kathleen: The fasten seatbelt sign is on. I don’t think I can.
Tammy: I’m willing to take the chance.
Kathleen: I’m not, sorry.
Tammy: Okay, fine. Marietta…
Marietta: What?
Tammy: I’m upset that you said I wasn’t family because I felt like we’ve become like family in the past year and you saying you aren’t when you’re the closest thing I’ve got to family down here is very hurtful.
Marietta: I didn’t mean it. I was just frustrated. And stressed. It’s been a very stressful few days.
Tammy: I know. I overreacted. It’s okay.
Patty Lynn: Some people are trying to sleep!
Marietta: Just put ear plugs in, mom.
Tammy: It’s fine, Marietta. We can be quiet now. I’m not angry anymore. I’m just going to read my book. I brought one for you, too.
Marietta: Thank you.
The next day, at the Landfields’ hotel…
Milton: Guys, we have to get going. It’s almost ten and I’m being sworn in at noon.
Patty Lynn: Oh my god, I didn’t even realize. Martin, help me spray my hair quickly!
Martin: What? You didn’t do that yet?
Patty Lynn: No! How haven’t you noticed?
Martin: I’ve been watching the Today show! This Hoda sure is a riot.
Marietta: I know! I’ve been saying that for years! It’s so weird having it on later here!
Milton: Are we worrying about Hoda Kotb or are we getting tom my inauguration to the US Senate?
Martin: Right. I’ll go help your mother.
Marietta: Milton, do I look alright?
Milton: Of course you do! Why do you ask?
Marietta: I’m going to be on TV. It’s kind of a big deal.
Milton: I don’t know if that’s the main focus of today but I think you look very nice anyway.
Marietta: Thank you. You’re wrong about me not being the focus, though.
Milton: You can think that if you want.
Tammy: Alright guys, let’s go! Kate just called me and they’re waiting for us! She wanted to do a photo op outside the Senate with Milton and time is ticking on that.
Milton: Mom, you ready?
Patty Lynn: Yep. Thanks to your father finally turning the Today show off.
Milton: Then it’s time.
Marietta: Milton, how crazy is it to think that by the time we enter this hotel again, you’ll be a senator?
Milton: I’m trying not to think about it because I’m freaking out inside. Very exciting though.
Thirty minutes later, the group finally arrives at the Senate.
Kate: Milton! You’re finally here!
Milton: I’m so sorry! There was more traffic than we expected.
Kate: It’s fine. I’d have loved for Tammy to have updated me on it, but it’s all good. It’s only 10:30, we have ninety minutes before the swearing-in.
Milton: What are we all going to do in that time?
Kate: Lots of things, actually. We’ll get a photo taken quick. Smile!
A photographer takes a picture of Kate and Milton.
Milton: That was quick.
Kate: Now we’ll go look at your new office in the Russell Senate Building. I assume Tammy gave you an in-depth explanation of the Capitol subway system?
Milton: Yeah.
Kate: Good. We’re using it today.
Tammy: What should we do while you guys do that?
Kate: You guys can come with or you can go inside and wait with Ellie. She’d be more than happy to chat for a while.
Tammy: What do you want to do guys?
Marietta: I wanna go with Milton. I gotta see how everything’s changed in the year I’ve been gone.
Kate: There’s not been much change. Just a few new names on the walls, nothing more.
Marietta: Good. It was perfect the way it was. Exactly the way it was. Because my name was on the wall then.
Tammy: Anyone else want to go? I’m gonna go catch up with Ellie.
Ten minutes before Milton is set to be sworn in…
Ellie: The Vice President is here, everyone. Exciting things are happening.
Tammy: Where are they? They should be back by now.
Ellie: Kate said they’re on their way. The entire United States Senate is currently traveling here for this, it’s gonna be a little congested right now. Right now, we should get you guys to the Senate gallery. Only Tammy can be on the Senate floor and I know you’ll all want to see it.
Patty Lynn: I want to wish him luck before it happens. I need to see him. And Sarah needs to see him. She only just got here a few minutes ago. She hasn’t even seen her dad on his big day. He doesn’t even know she’s here.
Ellie: We can wait a few minutes. It’s important.
Patty Lynn: Thank you.
Kate, Milton and Marietta begin to walk towards the rest of the group.
Sarah: Dad!
Milton: Sarah! I didn’t know you were coming, I thought you were at school. It’s a school day!
Sarah: Grandma and Grandpa sent someone to pick me up.
Milton: Thank you, guys.
Sarah: Good luck today, dad.
Milton: I’m not going to need it. Not with my good luck charm right here. I still can’t believe it. Mom, dad, this is a dream I’ll never believe you actually made come true.
Patty Lynn: You deserve it on this special day. Now, before Ellie yells at us, I just want to wish you luck, Milton. I’m so proud of you.
Martin: We both are, son.
Milton: Thank you. I love you both so much. I couldn’t be prouder to be your son.
Ellie: Alright guys, you saw him. Now let’s get going.
Kathleen: Milton, good luck. I know you don’t need it, but I wish it to you anyway. You’re going to make us proud.
Milton: Thank you, Aunt Kathleen.
Eliza: This is a big moment, Milton. I’m really glad you asked us to be here. I’m still not sure why you did. But good luck, and congratulations.
Elena: Yes, congratulations Milton. You’re gonna do great.
Milton: Thank you, guys. Now, let’s have a group hug. Kate, Ellie, you guys can do it too.
Ellie: Oh, I don’t know if th-
Kate: Ellie, do it.
Five minutes later…
Vice President Rosenbaum: The chair lays before the Senate the certificate of election to serve the unexpired term of the State of Louisiana. The certificate is in the form required by the Senate. If there be no objection, the reading of the certificate will be waived. If the Senator-Elect to be sworn in will now present himself at the desk, the chair will administer the oath of office.
Milton, escorted by Tammy and Marietta, walks down the Senate aisle to be sworn in.
Vice President Rosenbaum: Please raise your right hand and prepare to respond. Do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter, so help you god?
Milton: I do.
Vice President Rosenbaum: Congratulations, senator.
Milton embraces Marietta and Tammy.
Marietta: We did it, Milton. We finally made it here, together.
Milton: It’s not the way we thought. But we did it.
Milton turns around to look at the Senate gallery and sees Patty Lynn, Martin, Kathleen, Eliza, Elena and Sarah cheering him on.
Milton: I’m going to make you all proud.

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