Bar Exam Season 1 Episode 4: The Curve

[Adam, Lincoln, Chase, Sam, Madison, and Reagan all enter Lorenzo’s Kitchen and sit down at the bar.]
Lorenzo: Fancy seeing you here.
[Long pause.]
[Long pause.]
Lorenzo: No one’s talking today I see. Alright, hold your phones up and give me an emoji of what you want.
[Long pause.]
Lorenzo: Beer? Burger? Anything but eggplant. Come on.
[Long pause.]
Lorenzo: Here’s some water, I guess.
[Long pause.]
Lorenzo: If anyone saw me in my days in the bullpen, I don’t exactly take boredom easily so someone say something.
[Long pause.]
Lorenzo: Reagan, anything?
Reagan: Fine. I ruined the curve.
Lorenzo: Huh?
Reagan: I ruined the curve. These geniuses all did terrible on last week’s exam and I aced it.
Lorenzo: Oh, I know what you mean. You know, there used to be a day where I was the one making everyone else look bad.
Madison: You mean they made you look bad?
Lorenzo: I’m talking about my Little League days. Well, one of those years at least, probably.
Madison: This is worse. At this rate we’re all going to fail out of law school. Countless hours studying, ruined by one person who had to get almost all the answers right.
Reagan: I know, I’m sorry! But out of fairness, you could’ve gotten more than 40% of them right.
Lorenzo: How about you all leave this behind you? Just make sure you all do the same amount of bad next time, problem solved!
Lincoln: Yeah, I’m seriously considering getting the answers ahead of time for the next exam. That way I can get an 80 and be on my way.
Sam: That’d be awesome! Chase and I plan on getting in the 70s and hoping for a 20 point curve.
Lorenzo: Joint plans?
Chase: Sam and I make a lot of joint plans. We’re sharing a cab when we leave here tonight.
Lorenzo: I see...
Adam: And by joint plans you mean?
Chase: What?
Adam: Joint can mean many things.
Reagan: Maybe he means plans together. It’s not a big deal.
Sam: Relax!
Adam: Wish I could.
Lorenzo: So there are two lovebirds here I guess.
Chase: Where?
Lorenzo: Where do you think?
Sam: Chase, he means us.
Chase: We’re not in love!
Sam: I know! That’s crazy whoever said that?
Lorenzo: Lincoln, help me out with something.
Lincoln: What do you want?
Lorenzo: I need you to help me figure out if Chase and Sam are dating.
Lincoln: What’s it matter to you?
Lorenzo: That could be a nightmare.
Lincoln: Why, because of the post-breakup fights?
Lorenzo: No, because then they’ll be splitting meals.
Lincoln: Easy. Start a one meal minimum per person rule.
Lorenzo: Deal. Alright everyone, I talked with Lincoln and we’ve decided that from now on, everyone has to buy at least one meal. That means you, Chase and Sam.
Madison: That’s not fair! What if we’re not hungry?
Lorenzo: That plan failed.
Adam: You didn’t even try it.
Lorenzo: I don’t know what I’m doing, can’t you tell?

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