Marietta Season 2 Episode 7 - Senator Milton? (Midseason Premiere)

 Marietta Season 2, Episode 7
Senator Milton?

Milton is lounging on his living room couch when he gets a call and quickly grabs his phone.
Milton: What’s going on?
?: Hi, is this Mayor Landfield?
Milton: No, this is her brother.
?: Oh, then I’m talking to the right person.
Milton: And… who am I talking to?
?: I’m so sorry, I completely forgot to introduce myself. I’m Shirelle, Governor Birkman’s secretary.
Milton: Wow, what’s the governor’s office doing calling me?
Shirelle: I think the governor herself can explain that. I’ll connect you to her right now.
Milton: Sounds good. I’m anxious to hear what this could be about.
A minute later, the Governor is connected to Milton.
Milton: Governor Birkman! For what reason do I have the pleasure of speaking to you today?
Governor Birkman: Oh please Milton, call me Eileen. We’ve known each other for years.
Milton: I was just trying to butter you up in case this is you calling about what I think you’re calling about.
Eileen: Milton, it’s been over a month since Betty Benoit died. I haven’t appointed anyone to her position out of respect to her and her family, but now that the Senate is back from the holiday recess, I need to make my decision on who I’m appointing. You’re one of the finalists. It’s down to you and Ginnie Pappadone.
Milton: That is… not what I thought you were calling about.
Eileen: What did you think I was calling about?
Milton: I thought you heard about my run for city council and wanted to give me your endorsement.
Eileen: I’d certainly give you that endorsement if there wasn’t an open Senate seat. But, I really want you to be the next US Senator from Louisiana.
Milton: What about Ginnie? How did she go from a finalist to the clear second choice in the course of a minute.
Eileen: It’s not that I don’t want to pick her, it’s that I’d rather have you. I think you have a better chance to win over the voters that you’ll need to hold onto the seat. It’s not going to be easy.
Milton: Have you considered Marietta?
Eileen: Milton, you know that’s not possible for many reasons.
Milton: I know. But if I would take this job, I really don’t know how she’d react.
Eileen: Take a few days. It’s 7 o’clock on a Friday, the Senate’s not in session anymore and won’t be the next two days either. So let me know by the end of the weekend. If you take it, I’ll have you drive up to Baton Rouge on Monday and you’ll be sworn in to the Senate on Tuesday. If you don’t, I’ll give Ginnie a call.
Milton: Thank you. I don’t want to rush into anything and I really appreciate that you’re giving me time to consider what I want to do.
Eileen: It’s no problem.
Milton: Now if you excuse me, I should go talk to my family and since they’re my family, I’m sure that’s going to be deeply frustrating. I’ll talk to you soon.
Milton ends his call with Eileen and immediately calls Patty Lynn.
Patty Lynn: Milton dear, what’s going on? You never call! You always just show up at the house, since we live five houses down from you.
Milton: I just had to ask if Marietta was there before I came.
Patty Lynn: Why, are you planning a surprise party for her?
Milton: What? No. I had something to talk to you and dad about and didn’t want Marietta there for it.
Patty Lynn: She’s not here. Since it’s 7 o’clock, I’m assuming she’s at home watching TV right now.
Milton: Alright, good. I’ll be over in a few minutes. I have something really important to talk to you guys about.
Patty Lynn: See you soon.
Milton walks to Martin and Patty Lynn’s, where Patty Lynn is waiting anxiously at the door.
Patty Lynn: It’s been almost ten minutes, I was worried about you.
Milton: I went to the bathroom before I left, no need to worry. I told you on the phone I’d be a few minutes.
Patty Lynn: I know, I know. I’m just curious about what’s so important you have to tell us, but can’t tell your sister.
Martin: Don’t interrogate our son, Patty Lynn. The only reason he’s here is to tell us, no need to jump down his throat right away.
Milton: Thank you, dad. You guys are certain that Marietta isn’t here, right.
Martin: Are we certain that our grown daughter didn’t sneak into our house and hide from us? Yes, yes we are.
Milton: Okay, then I think mom should sit down and I’ll tell you my news.
Patty Lynn sits down.
Patty Lynn: Now I’m scared.
Milton: Not even half an hour ago, I received a call from the governor. As you know, Senator Benoit -
Patty Lynn: Was flattened like a pancake?
Milton: Died peacefully in her sleep in her hospital bed of a bacterial infection a few days after Thanksgiving. Governor Birkman has been considering her options since then, and she came up with a name I think you’ll find very interesting.
Patty Lynn: Well, who is it?
Milton: You’re looking at him.
Patty Lynn: Wait. What?
Martin: That’s great, son.
Milton: Thank you, dad.
Patty Lynn: When are you being sworn in?
Milton: I don’t know if I’m taking the offer. I’d be sworn in Tuesday if I do take it.
Patty Lynn: You didn’t say yes?
Milton: It’s a big decision, mom. I can’t just impulsively take the offer the second it’s given to me. I never thought about holding federal office before and I don’t know if I even want to.
Patty Lynn: What exactly are you unsure about?
Milton: I know what it was like when Marietta was in the Senate. We didn’t get to see her very much because she was a thousand miles away and always busy. Heck, she didn’t even come home for Christmas or Easter or Thanksgiving most years.
Martin: Your sister is unique. Your grandfather was a senator and he was home every weekend and holiday. It can be done if you want. Don’t let that get in the day.
Milton: I’m scared, too. Local politics has always been my thing. I don’t know how I’m going to fit on a national stage like that.
Martin: Then it’s a good thing you have Marietta and Tammy to talk to. Plus every other member of the Senate. You'll get used to it.
Milton: I’ve never really had to run a difficult campaign. New Orleans is blue, my state House district was blue, I’ve never had to worry about losing. Now I’ll have to run in a red state in a political environment with an unpopular Democratic President in a race that’ll determine control of the Senate. I’m not even sure I’m good at campaigning. Most people have just voted for me because of my name.
Patty Lynn: Well… maybe they’ll do that again?
Milton: That worked well for Marietta.
Patty Lynn: Milton, that was…
Milton: A year ago.
Patty Lynn: That was only a year ago? Ooh my god. It feels like five.
Milton: A lot has happened in that year.
Martin: We’re deviating from the subject and my chance to make this point is going away, so I’ll say it now. Milton, don’t turn down something you want just because you’re afraid of losing it after a few months. If you really want to do this, then get in there, do the best job you can for Louisiana, and trust that they’ll appreciate that enough to let you continue. If you lose, you lose, but you go down fighting instead of avoiding any fight at all.
Milton: You make a good point. I think I’m going to accept the offer. If that’s really okay with you guys, of course. I’ll be gone a lot.
Patty Lynn: I know I get a reputation for being a crazy mom who smothers her kids, but part of loving your kids more than anything else in the world - sorry Martin - is letting them go so they can be happy. I didn’t like it when Marietta left for DC, and I won’t like it when you do, but alI that matters to me as a mother is seeing you both happy. I know this is going to be a good thing for you, and you deserve this opportunity so much. I will miss you so much, but you becoming a senator is beyond okay with me. We’ll still see each other as much as we possibly can.
Milton: Then, uh, I guess I’ll call the governor and let her know.
Patty Lynn: Oh, good! I’ll break out the champagne!
Milton: Oh, don’t worry about it mom. Keep your champagne for special occasions. We can celebrate with whatever you have already open in the fridge.
Patty Lynn: Is orange juice and a half of a cheesecake okay?
Milton: That’ll be good.
Martin: Hey Milton.
Milton: Yeah?
Martin: Why was it that Marietta couldn’t be here for this?
Milton: Mom?
Patty Lynn: What is it, dear?
Milton: On second though, I’ll take the champagne.
Patty Lynn: I already poured out the orange juice. What makes you change your mind?
Milton: I just remembered I have to tell Marietta about me becoming a Senator. And also, just mix the champagne with the orange juice. We can have mimosas.
Patty Lynn: That’s a good idea, Milton. You’re a thinker, that’s why I know you’ll be a great Senator.
Martin: Your mother seems more focused on alcohol, so I guess that leaves me to give the good advice, as always. Just go see your sister in person before you tell the governor. She’s going to be upset, but it’ll be better for her to learn in person. She’ll get over it.
Milton: Thank you, dad. Mom, hurry up with the mimosas.
Patty Lynn: They’re on their way!
The next day, at the Mayor’s Mansion…
Tammy: Marietta, what was that?
Marietta: It’s on the TV.
Tammy: No, I think someone’s at the door.
Marietta: Are we watching Once Upon A Time In Hollywood or are we worrying about whether someone’s at the door, Tamara?
Tammy: My name isn’t Tamara and you know that. And I was just pointing out that I thought I heard someone at the door and thought that would interest you.
Milton: Please let me in, Marietta! It’s raining out!
Marietta: Hold on, let me pause my movie.
Marietta opens the door.
Marietta: Oh hey, Milton! What’s up? Finally telling me in person about your run for city council?
Milton: Marietta, that was an accident on my part. I was going to tell you but mom let it slip. And it was a month ago.
Marietta: Our argument at Christmas dinner about it wasn’t.
Milton: I apologized for that as well. I shouldn’t have yelled.
Marietta: I’m over it, it’s done. I’m just wondering what you’re doing here. You never stop by.
Milton: You’ve only been here two months and we’ve seen each other like three times a week.
Marietta: Yeah. But, you still don’t just randomly stop by here. So what’s going on?
Milton: If I could come in and we could sit and talk, I think that would be best.
Marietta: Did mom die? 
Milton: Oh my god, no! I just have some other, much more positive news to share and I’d like to share it inside.
Marietta: Now I’m really worried. But, come in. Tarantino’s latest masterpiece can wait.
Tammy: We’re only 25 minutes into it, we really don’t know if it’s a masterpiece yet.
Marietta: The Golden Globes don’t lie, Tammy!
Milton: They sure don’t. Now, I think this is very important to discuss.
Marietta: Do you need a formal invitation to spit it out? Consider this that.
Milton: Whew. Here we go. I got a call last night from the governor.
Marietta: Did she also know about your campaign before me? I guess you considered her endorsement more important than mine?
Milton: Anyway, Governor Birkman wanted to talk with me about the open US Senate seat. She offered me the Senate appointment. I’m going to accept it.
Marietta: Bless your heart.
Tammy (mouthing to Milton): Run!
Milton: How mad are you?
Marietta (clenching her teeth): Not at all.
Milton: Marietta, I know how much being a senator meant to you but I couldn’t pass this up. I don’t even know how long it’ll last for. Probably only a few months, and then you’ll be the most powerful person in the family once again.
Marietta: I’m happy for you. I really am. Now excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.
Milton: I’m gonna go. I have to call up Eileen and let her know I’m accepting the appointment.
Marietta: You do that. Bye Milton.
Milton: Bye, Marietta. I love you.
Marietta: I love you too.
Milton leaves.
Marietta: Tammy, I need a hug.
Tammy: Bring it in.
Marietta and Tammy hug.
Marietta: I know why he’s taking the job, but it’s still so hard for me to see him getting the job that I had for so long and fought so hard to hold on to. I still miss being a senator and I don’t know how I’ll deal with him being in the Senate while I’m not. You know, we always had dreams of us serving together in the Senate. That was in the nineties, before being a Republican was the only requirement for public office here, but that was our dream. We never really acted on it very seriously, but it was fun to dream about. The Senators Landfield, proudly serving Louisiana together.
Tammy: Marietta, it’s normal to be upset at times like this. Something very unexpected is happening and you have to cope with it. However, at least you’ll know that you can always trust your new senator to do the right thing. You even have a direct line to him! In a way, this is the best possible outcome for you.
Marietta: I know, I know. I’m just still not really over losing my race for re-election, and this is reopening some old wounds. I’m still happy for Milton, though. He’s going to do a great job.
Tammy: And just think, Milton being in office will make Kate the new Senate Majority Leader!
Marietta: It also makes Ellie the Senate Majority Whip. That’s a little scary.
Tammy: She was the President of Harvard, I think she can handle whipping the other 49 geriatrics in the Democratic caucus into shape and getting them to vote the right way.
Marietta: I guess when you put it that way…
Meanwhile, Milton arrives at home and picks up the phone to call Governor Birkman.
Milton: Eileen!
Shirelle: No, this is her assistant Shirelle.
Milton: Hello Shirelle, can I speak with the governor? This is Milton Landfield.
Shirelle: One moment please, mister senator-designate.
Milton: Thank you.
Eileen: Milton! You’re a day early!
Milton: I could’ve called yesterday if it wasn’t for one particularly painful conversation.
Eileen: I’m assuming that was with Marietta.
Milton: Right on. Telling her was pretty hard, but taking your offer was a decision I came to pretty quickly. I’ll be honored to become the next US Senator from Louisiana.
Eileen: Alright Milton, here’s the thing. Plans have changed. I’m going to have to give to position to Ginnie Pappadone.
Milton: What?
Eileen: Oh, I’m just messing with you! I’ll be glad to appoint you to the Senate.
Milton: Thank god.
Eileen: So, I guess I’ll see you on Monday to make your appointment official.
Milton: I’ll see you then.
Eileen: My office will contact you with some further details for Monday. Until then, I’d suggest that you try to assemble a staff, get in contact with Kate Hagelin and make some travel arrangements for Tuesday. It’s going to be a big day. Oh, and probably book a few hotel rooms for your family. I think they’ll want to be there for you and it’s not like you have anywhere else to sleep in DC.
Milton: Thanks for the advice, Eileen. I’ll get busy. 
The next day, at the State Capitol in in Baton Rouge…
Eileen: As you all know, a little over one month ago, Louisiana lost a great stateswoman, Senator Betty Benoit. It in incumbent upon me to nominate a replacement for her in the US Senate, which is an extremely difficult task. However, when asking some of my closest advisors and colleagues, one name consistently emerged: Milton Landfield. A dedicated public servant since he was twenty-two years old, Mayor Landfield has served this state in so many forms throughout these past thirty years. From serving in the state legislature for fifteen years to being our state’s Secretary of State to serving as the US Deputy Secretary of State to most recently serving as Mayor of New Orleans, he has served us with distinction. I am now proud to introduce him as our next US Senator.
Milton: Thank you, Governor Birkman. That was a very kind introduction. I’m a little worried my speech here won’t stack up, but I’ll try. The truth is that I’ve simply just tried to serve my state and while I’ve made many mistakes in my time in office, I’ve always done my best to amend those. I’m a proud Louisianan and I want to do what’s in the best interests of this state. I’m humbled that I will soon be serving you all in the US Senate, and I will do everything in my power to make you proud to have me serve you. I won’t make this speech too long because I know it’s interrupting General Hospital or The Talk or whatever’s on right now, so I’ll say goodbye for now. I hope to see all of you soon.

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