Bar Exam Season 1 Episode 5: Poisoning

Lorenzo: What’s up everyone, can I get you something?
Madison: Cotton candy, please.
Lorenzo: What kind?
Madison: What kind do you have?
Lorenzo: Let’s see...yellow, blue, pink, purple, green, orange, red, grey, white, turquoise, sky blue, dark red, light green, beige, black, and polyester.
Madison: Um...light green I guess.
Lorenzo: Here you go. It’s a new kind, just added it to my lineup—I mean, menu.
Madison: Thanks for constantly making changes to this place, however small they are.
Lincoln: When’s the hot dog smoothie coming?
Lorenzo: It’s coming when it’s coming.
Sam: So never?
Lorenzo: Tomorrow.
Reagan: Can I have some?
Lorenzo: Will you be here tomorrow?
Reagan: I don’t know.
Lorenzo: Then I don’t know.
Adam: Does that not sound disgusting to anyone?
Reagan: That’s why I want to try it.
Lorenzo: Sounds disgusting but tastes good.
Chase: Doesn’t sound like anything I would chase after.
Lorenzo: Stop it.
Chase: Sorry. I couldn’t help it.
Lorenzo: Yeah you could.
Chase: You’re right. Anyways, can I have some yellow cotton candy?
Lorenzo: Here you go.
Chase: Thanks. [Tastes the first bite.] Tastes just like I remember it.
Madison: That’s strange, mine tastes different.
Lorenzo: It’s probably just your brain tricking you into thinking that because it’s a new color.
Madison: No, it tastes really different.
Lorenzo: That just doesn’t make sense.
Madison: I’m feeling a little tipsy actually.
Lorenzo: It’s all in your head.
Sam: It actually doesn’t take long for alcohol to kick in for her.
Lorenzo: That’s ridiculous. There’s no alcohol in cotton candy!
Madison: I think there is in this one.  A lot of it too.
Lorenzo: That can’t be. Let me try.
Lincoln: You really want to risk getting drunk on the job?
Lorenzo: Good thinking. You try it.
Madison: This is definitely laced with something. [Long pause]
Lorenzo: Don’t all look at me! What did I do?
Chase: Got our friend drunk in the matter of minutes.
Sam: By giving her cotton candy laced with alcohol.
Lorenzo: Alright we need to talk about you two finishing each other’s sentences but I swear I didn’t put anything in it.
Sam: I believe you. But clearly whoever sold it to you did.
Lorenzo: OK, at least it’s only one person. Have some food on the house Madison, that should make it better. And here’s some water.
Lincoln: WAIT!
Lorenzo: What?
Lincoln: Smell that.
Lorenzo: Huh?
Lincoln: Smell what you just poured into that glass.
Lorenzo: Smells like water to me.
Adam: Let me smell it.
Lorenzo: If you insist. [Holds the glass up for Adam to smell]
Adam: Yep, water. Not vodka. Speaking of which, you got any vodka?
Lorenzo: I figured as much and yes. Sauce or drink?
Adam: Drink. Actually, both.
Reagan: I just had a thought.
Chase: Same! Let’s see if we were thinking the same thing. I’ll start: milk.
Reagan: Not at all. I was thinking just hypothetically, could we sue Lorenzo over this?
Lorenzo: Sue me? Come on, it was an honest mistake!
Reagan: Oh don’t get me wrong I have no intention on doing that. It’s cheap to come here and a lawsuit sounds like a lot of work. But just hypothetically...could we?
Sam: Anyone could sue, it’s just a matter of defending yourself or not. You probably could given how well you’re doing. Not so sure about me.
Lincoln: I think we need to graduate first and become official lawyers.
Lorenzo: So to be clear cotton candy won’t be my downfall?
Reagan: Yes.
Lorenzo: OK, good.
Adam: Keep it on the menu actually.
Lorenzo: Not so sure that’s gonna happen.

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