The Good Place S3E3 Review

The Good Place delved into its new normal in last week's one-hour season premiere. That episode with an interesting twist that provides a complication to Michael's plan, as Adam Scott's Trevor has returned, working for Shawn. The group of humans have been brought together to better themselves, but Trevor has the ability to tear them apart.

S3E3 "The Brainy Bunch"

Trevor joins the group as an over-the-top participant in the study. This personality is very entertaining, and it's obvious how quickly this gets on Eleanor's nerves. He takes the group to an American-themed restaurant, and the jokes about America there are absolutely hilarious. Luckily, Janet shows up as a waitress as the restaurant. Not only does that combat Trevor's scheming, but it provides increased entertainment for us, because D'Arcy Carden is wonderful.

As the battle of influence over the group of humans continues, the episode does what The Good Place knows how to do well. It starts out progressing in the type of way you would expect: Eleanor plans on leaving the group, but then Chidi goes after her to convince her to stay. But it then provides a twist, something you wouldn't expect to happen so soon. The judge found out! The doorman shows up on Earth to bring Michael, Janet, and Trevor back.

Michael, Janet, and Trevor return from Earth, where the judge scolds them. Her knocking Trevor off the bridge was pretty entertaining. The judge tells Michael and Janet that the meddling caused a ripple effect, which is a genius and very funny way for the show to explain strange and unexpected things that have happened in the last couple years. In a brilliant ending to the episode, the things Janet tried to summon on Earth appear, and with it separating them from the judge, they try to run.

The Good Place was once again brilliant with both its plotting and humor, proving why it's one of the best shows currently on TV. As often happens with this show, I have no idea where it's going coming up. How long can Michael and Janet run? Also, Adam Scott's guest appearance this week was great, and I'm glad that Maya Rudolph is making regular appearances on this show.

Score: 10/10

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