Mom S6E2 Review

The second episode of Mom's sixth season deals with Christy's gambling addiction, which the show had delved further into in the fifth season. Christy has been going to Gamblers Anonymous, but now she's not sure that she needs it. This episode also includes a guest appearance from the wonderful Yvette Nicole Brown.

S6E2 "Go-Go Boots and a Butt Cushion"

Christy isn't relating to anyone at her Gamblers Anonymous, and she expresses doubt that she needs to be there to her AA sponsor, Nora. Nora is entertaining in her matter-of-fact manner, especially when she asks Christy if she has taken steps to really try GA. Christy takes one of those steps, finding a sponsor. The woman she first approaches, who it turns out hasn't gambled for 3 days, is pretty funny. Christy then finds a sponsor in Ned.

Ned helps Christy figure out whether or not she actually has a gambling problem, suggesting she try controlled gambling. Bonnie's reaction when she finds out about this is really funny, especially when she discovers that the others don't agree with her. The funniest part here is when Bonnie wonders why she didn't get the controlled drinking option. After Christy gets a big check, she goes to the casino. It's a great, impactful moment when she calls Bonnie, needing her help. All of Christy's AA people show up, and each entrance is really funny, as is Bonnie's doubt that the money is in the trunk.

Bonnie also gets some great moments in the episode outside of Christy's story, as she has committed to driving their blind neighbor, Mr. Munson. This is entertaining because the two of them have always had a great dynamic in this show. That continues to be true in this episode. The best part of this is when he doesn't respond to the things she says because he's pouting because Bonnie won't let him drive her car again.

This was a stronger episode than last week's season premiere. When Mom deals with more serious issues, like this episode did, it tends to do a great job. This episode had a meaningful story for Christy, and entertained along the way. Also, Allison Janney was wonderful all throughout the half-hour, though that isn't anything new.

Score: 9.5/10

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