The Middle S8E22 Review

What does the penultimate episode of The Middle's eighth season have in store? Leave it to Sue and Brad to make this week something special...

S8E22 "The Final Final"

For his final final, Axl is actually studying for once. However, he discovers that he wrote down the wrong time for the final, and missed it. Axl tries to get his professor to let him take the test. It's funny as he keeps trying, especially as he stands in the professor's yard in the rain. The episode ends with Axl finishing his final, but having no one to celebrate with, as they have all gone.

Sue feels like she had a "meh" year. But she gets some exciting news, when she is asked to speak at Orson High, with an email addressed to "alumni from the class of 2010-2016". Sue talks to the seniors at Orson High, where she discovers how she was a nerd in high school. She talks to Brad about this, which leads to a musical number that the two of them sing. It's very fun when a large ensemble sings with them.

Back at home, Frankie, Mike, and Brick discover that good things are happening to them. Frankie believes that this is because the Donahues' number was painted in front of their house instead of their number, and the universe is confusing them. It's funny when, at the end, the number gets fixed, and they have to pretend to be excited.

I loved this week's episode. Each story had great moments, such as Axl in the rain, the musical number, and when the other Hecks pretend to be excited.

Score: 10/10

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