Great News S1E5-6 Review

First, the team must deal with a snowstorm. Then, Katie gets to appear on air.

S1E5 "Snowmageddon of the Century"

Carol is mad that no one came to her karaoke night last night, and the flashback to this is hilarious. She wants everyone in the office to be friends, and it's funny when she prays about this. The snow gets a lot worse, and they get stuck, which Carol tries to use to get everyone to be friends.

Everyone ends up in a fight, but Carol finds a solution: wine. Everyone gets drunk, even Greg, who is initially very opposed to this. A great new problem is added when they find out that they have to do a special report. They decide who will take the blame, which is an entertaining scene. At the end, the report goes decently.

Katie gets a great opportunity from Chuck, and there is a hilarious joke where she finds out that a teacher she wanted to tell about it died. However, Portia makes her think that he wants to sleep with her. Katie turns to Portia for more advice, and ends up trying to kiss Chuck, but it turns out that's not what he wanted.

S1E6 "Serial Arsonist"

After Katie has to momentarily cover for the field reporter, Carol tries to get her to be the replacement. There are some funny moments here having to do with Carol's enthusiasm. Katie finally agrees to do it, but it ends up meaning that she doesn't get to produce an interview, which Portia produces herself, and of course goes horribly.

Chuck tries to make a new theme song for the show. It is hilariously long and horrible. After Katie begins dancing instead of reporting what she is supposed to, so that she can get Carol to admit that she is a fame addict, Greg is forced to air Chuck's theme song to fill up time in the show. This episode had fewer funny moments than the previous few.

The first episode of the hour had many funny moments in the main story with Carol, but I did not care for Katie's story. I also found Portia to be annoying through this episode. In the second episode of the hour, there were some funny moments, such as the NRA interview and the theme song, but it got boring at times.

Score: 8.5/10 (episode 5)

Score: 7/10 (episode 6)

What did you think of "Snowmageddon of the Century" and "Serial Arsonist"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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