The 100 S4E10 Review

Who will get to survive? Based on last week's episode, we may find out a lot about that this week.

S4E10 "Die All, Die Merrily"

The episode begins with Clarke and Bellamy talking to Octavia before she goes to fight. The fight is about to begin, when Luna enters. Luna announces that if she is the winner, everyone will die. Bellamy and Kane go over strategy with Octavia, and suddenly I'm realizing that this is almost exactly The Hunger Games. Way to be original, The 100. Though, to be fair, this does have bigger stakes. It's not just about the lives of these people fighting, but also the lives of their people.

Ilian shows up, which Octavia gets annoyed about. The show is looking like it wants to follow The Hunger Games more and more, until he gets an arrow through the neck. There is a nice short scene between Kane and Indra, as Kane says he is sorry about Trikru's fate, and they talk about Octavia. There is a pretty epic fight between Roan, Luna, and Octavia. The scene is choreographed well, and then a nice twist comes when the black rain begins to fall.

Octavia ends up winning, and the scene where she kills Luna is an entertaining one. Octavia announces that they are all one clan, so they will survive together. However, there is an interesting unexpected ending, when it is discovered that Clarke and Jaha took Bellamy, and they closed the entrance to the bunker. I have a hard time believing that these two would do this, though I suppose fear could have motivated them to. I wish we had scene more of that thought process though.

Much of the episode felt borrowed from The Hunger Games, and there was not enough groundwork laid for the ending, but there were still some strong scenes in the episode.

Score: 6/10

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