Speechless S1E22 Review

This week has to do with J.J's desire for independence.


J.J. tries to get dressed by himself. Maya finds out that Kenneth won't be able to work with J.J. over the summer, which she is excited about, because then she will get to spend time with J.J. However, J.J. wants to go to a camp that is ten weeks long. J.J. ends up injuring his knee, and has to have surgery, which makes him believe he won't be able to go to camp. Maya has now changed her mind on J.J. going to camp, and it's great when she expresses her confidence in him.

Dylan helps Ray with running, and she ends up discovering that he is faster. It's pretty funny when she keeps trying to get a re-match, and when she comes up with the right situation to convince Ray of a re-match. It's also pretty funny as they race through the hospital, then sweet when Dylan lets Ray be the first one to talk to J.J. after his surgery.

There were some strong moments throughout the episode, though it wasn't a great one.

Score: 8.5/10

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