Mom Season 4 Finale Review

Bonnie runs into some legal troubles in the season finale of Mom.

S4E22 "Lockjaw and a Liquid Diet"

Christy celebrates her birthday, and also four years of sobriety. Bonnie gets into trouble with the IRS, and after a funny call with Steve, she turns to Christy to help her out. It's funny as Christy acts very formally during a meeting to make it seem like she is a lawyer. It is revealed to Christy that Bonnie hasn't paid her taxes in twenty years.

Christy tells Bonnie she needs to use a real lawyer, and that means she has to turn to her half-brother Ray. It's funny when he tells Christy that her one mistake was bringing Bonnie along. Ray gets the IRS to give Bonnie ten years to pay off her debt, so she has dinner with everyone. It's funny when Jill is interested in Ray. The best moment comes when Ray tells them all about his addiction, and they celebrate it.

There weren't really any stand-out moments aside from the ending, but the episode was enjoyable the whole way through.

Score: 9/10

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