Modern Family S8E21 Review

Modern Family has been renewed for two more seasons, which I have mixed feelings about. However, we are still finishing up season 8 right now, so I will focus on this week's episode, the second-to-last one in the season.

S8E21 "Alone Time"

Mitch and Jay each go away for a night, intending to be alone. They are unhappy that the other one went, but it leads to some hilarious scenes where they are getting annoyed by each other. Meanwhile, Cam helps out when Gloria has a fever. The solutions he comes up with are interesting, even if there isn't too much that's funny here. In the end, Mitch and Jay realize how similar they actually are now, despite not being similar before. Mitch and Jay also share a nice moment that they were unable to in the past, which is also presented in a funny way. The very end of the episode ties it all together in a funny way when Mitch and Jay spot Claire and Phil.

Claire and Phil are excited to have the house to themselves, but all three kids end up showing up. Alex is preparing for finals, Haley is sad because Dylan got married (which is such an unbelievable thing to have happened), and Luke, I don't know what exactly he is up to, but he's there, and it's funny when he gets his head stuck in the banister, a callback to the pilot. They end up running away from their family, which is funny, and their response to a fortune cookie is hilarious. Claire believes that the universe is sending them signs, but Phil reminds her how many things that they didn't plan on turned out great.

This was definitely Modern Family's strongest episode in a while. No part of the episode was particularly weak, and Mitch and Jay were great.

Score: 9/10

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