Designated Survivor S1E20 Review

The end of the first season is almost here. The season finale airs next week, so we will be getting close to something big this week.

S1E20 "Bombshell"

The episode begins with Hannah attempting to avoid her captors, despite the fact that they are all on a ship. However, she is able to make a distress call. Now she just needs to survive until help arrives, however long that may be. That is, if help arrives, as they have trouble locating the ship. They eventually find it though, but all is not well yet. Hannah ends up discovering she is in a van with a bomb at FBI headquarters. And the clock starts ticking. Her next three minutes will be intense, that's for sure!

A newspaper article reveals that Al-Sakar was not behind the bombing, which will raise suspicious among the American people. Kirkman talks through the corner he has been backed into. This is an interesting dilemma. The show gets very Madam Secretary, as Kirkman tries to get Franco to vote with them at the NATO summit. It does a fine job in Madam Secretary's field, though it doesn't stand out in any way here.

The scenes having to do with Hannah this week were great. Kirkman faced an interesting dilemma, but the show didn't dive very far into it just yet. The NATO part of the episode was fine, but far from anything great.

Score: 8/10

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