Designated Survivor S1E19 Review

After a thrilling ending to last week's episode, I have been excited for this week's episode to find out what happens next.

S1E19 "Misalliance"

It is discovered that Hannah has been kidnapped. Since she hasn't been killed, the question arises: what do they want with her? Jason does some investigating, where he overhears an interesting conversation, but then gets shot. Since no one else was making any progress in finding her, Hannah attempts to escape, but discovers that she is on a boat.

Kirkman tries to get arts funding passed in Congress, so he turns to a congressman in the ways and means committee. However, he doesn't want to even debate this until the next budget, which would be too late for a particular school the president has been made aware of. Hookstraten offers to resign her seat in exchange for the arts funding, though Kirkman is disappointed when he hears that she is resigning. This feels like a randomly far length to go for this one issue. However, it leads to something, as Kirkman makes Hookstraten the Secretary of Education.

This was an enjoyable episode, though nothing really stood out to me as particularly interesting about it. The political story felt like a typical one, and Hannah's kidnapping made little progress.

Score: 7/10

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